Mawaru no Penguin drum Episode 2-3-4

Wow, I love  Mawaru no Penguin drum! This is an hilarious show! It goes in every direction and we don’t really understand anything important for those four episode, but this is certainly an excellent show. I’ve just watched those 3 episode one after the other and I can’t wait to watch the fifth one. So I’ll be brief, because I want to watch it before going to sleep. Ok, I’ll probably watch all the episodes that re already posted, but I can’t helped it, I really like it. Of all the new show, this is probably my favorite for the moment.

So, in the second episode, the “alien-penguin-shaped-hat-humanoide” asked the two brothers to find the penguin drum. She told them that a girl call Ringo will probably have it. So the two boy follow that girl (they even knew wich metro station looking for her…). They follow that girl all day, to find out that she is… A STALKER!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH! this is really a great outcome. I never would have guess it would go this way. seriously, this is a great idea! And the one she is stalking is the home teacher of the two boys, Mr. Tabuki.

The third episode was about curry: eating curry with people we love, etc. The two boy are stalking the stalker girl when she goes to Tabuki house to give him curry on “curry day”. We don’t know anything more about the penguin drum, but nevermind, since the outcome here is also hilarious: Mr. Tabuki seems to already have a girlfriend, AHAH, and the poor Ringo, wich base everything on fate written in a diary, burn herself by exchanging the curry of Tabuki girlfriend with her own curry. She after that meet Himari and became friend with her.

The third episode show us to what extend Ringo is crazy. She have a meeting with Tabuki to observe birds (it’s Tabuki’s hobby, and I don’t think Ringo cares about bird at all…). But all the episode is filled with some kind of “Ringo’s world fantasy” where she dream of her perfect fate meeting with Tabuki… wich don’t turned out the way she wants… Really a fantastic episode!

So, like I previoulsy said, I really like that show. I wasn’t sure after seeing the first episode, but the more I watch, the more I love! I hope this will keep being that good. I like the bizarre colorful way of this anime. I didn’t want to watch it first (you know, an anime about penguin..), but I really don’t regret it now.

The story is a little sketchy, but since I’ve only watched 4 episode, this is okay if we don’t understand anything at all. The end of the fourth episode seems to get a darker side to story ( a young girl who know Kanba who is pushed in the escalator at Asakasa-Mitsuke metro-station). The Metro of Tokyo have a place in itself in this story and I like that fact. I’ve already been in Japan and thoses names of station makes me remember goood things.  gosch, I love that show!

So, I give the second episode a 9/10, the third one a 8/10 and the hilarious fourth one a 9.5/10. It makes me laught so much!


No.6 Episode 4-5

The fourth episode of No.6 was a little boring. The main plot turns around the relationship between Sion and Nezumi. Even if Nezumi don’t want to become too close to Sion, he already likes him and he is bound to protect him. Ok, we all saw that coming, we all already know that he would have to protect Sion! And, of course, Sion wants to protect Nezumi too (he almost kill someone for him, and that idiot of nezumi who says he was going to get himself kill). The episode end on a fight between the dog keeper and Nezumi… is that dog-keeper a male or a female? that’s the greatest question of No.6…

Anyway, the problem is, I got so many picture for those two episode, so here’s already a second one:

Such a great picture… So, the fifth episode is so hilarious! For many reason. In the fourth episode, we learned that Nezumi is doing some thetrical works under the name of “Eve”. That name didn’t ring any bell when I’ve heard it the first time, that’s why the surprise was complete when I saw this:

See! and now compare with the picture just before… you know, a monument of maleness just got dissolve. And we were all there thinking Sion was the most feminine guys, no, the most feminine character in that show! I’ve laught for hour thinking about this. That show wasn’t bad at first, but then, it become ridiculous. Sorry, but I can’t buy that. On the other hand, it explain why that characther, Kazan , says to Nezumi on the fourth episode, that he could bring customer for prostitution. Since he knew that Nezumi, under the name of Eve, was doing some feminines roles, he was probably thinking of selling him to some rich homo-dreamer of the city of No.6 (everything to break out sion dream…)

Anyway… this is too hilarious! That episode will be in my top ten funniest of this season… We now know why Nezumi didn’t want Sion to see him play: this is too much of a shame! Really, why playing that kind of role? This looks like a bad joke. And then, he collapse, exactly in the same time of Safu (whose grandmother die…), who we hadn’t see for an entire episode.. I don’t know what she could bring out of more in that show, since we all know that Nezumi and Sion will soon share a bound af male-love… See, almost here:

Ok, that make-up makes me laught each time.. So, for those two episode, I give it a 6/10 for the fourth and a 8/10 for the fifth one since it makes me laught so much… I’m so mean… Here’s a little cute picture of the two of them dancing to finish this beautifully: see the future man-loving scheme…

Mawaru no Penguin Drum episode 1

Since I’m late with all show, I’ve just watch the fisrt episode of this serie. The first word that comes to my mind after looking at it: disturbing… This is not bad, but I wouldn’t say it’s really great. The story is about Himari, a young girl who live alone with her two twins brothers, Kanba and Shouma. Himari have an incurable disease (we don’t know what kind of disease, but it’s an incurable disease only movies and anime can think of, the doctor doesn’t even unerstand how she can stand!), and the two brother wants her to be happy. But, after dying (pretty rapidly for a girl who was standingand running three second before), she is revived by the spirit of a penguin-shaped hat (quite ugly, to tell the truth). That spirit wants the two brothers to retrieve something call the penguin drum, or their sister is gonna die for real.

First, I really liked the visual. Everything is colorfull, the characthers have expression, the house where the three sibling live is unusually lively. The details in the kitchen or in Himari’s room gives an impression of vitality. I also liked the thing with the subway stations, the entire episode is filled with stylish detail, like the little characters on the screens in the subways. And sure, the penguin are pretty cute. I likes the fact that in the zoo, they are actually looking for penguin (wich are quite natural looking)!

The three sibling interect well together. Ok, there is a bit too muich of “sister complex”, but you know, it’s pretty much always this way in anime. The character of Himari wearing the penguin-shaped hat is interesting, cause it’s exactly at the other extreme of the young girl: Himari looks quite naive and easy-going, but the “penguin-hat-woman” (don’t know how to call it…) is omnious, somehow sexually explicit and know how to obtain what she needs.

Anyway, I will continue to watch this show, because I want to know where it goes. This is incredibly hooking, because there are so many question to answer

I give it a 7.5\10 and will continue to review.

AHAHAHAH! I’m such an idiot!

So, I’ve open this blog today and this is already my sixth post! this is a little pathetic… But I’ve always thought that an empty blog with only one or two posts look boring, so I made the most I could to fill the blank. Anyway, I’ve take so much lateness (does this word exist??) lately, that I have to get to work fast if I want to keep up with the anime.

I’m not sure how to make an entry about anime I’ve already watched or anime that have start long ago like Ao no Exorcist… Should I make one big post for all that happen since now, many little post or wait until the end and make an overall review? I don’t know yet. And there are all those anime I haven’t watch yet but that are out since a few  years. Anyway, I don’t really care since I’m making this blog for myself! It’s also a way to practice my english, so please be comprehensive (I’m usually speaking and writting in french). Anyway, some eyes candy to finish it:

Gintama episode 219: People forget to return Stuff All the Time Without even realizing it

Who doesn’t like Gintama. Seriously, everyone should love it. Ok, maybe not everyone, but it is sure really funny. When I’m looking for “no-brain anime”, I’m usually listening to Gintama (or Ouran high school Host club… Have you watch the drama? this is completly hilarious!). This week episode was a good example of the usual thing. A character comes to Kabuki-cho, saying he is a human puching-bag. He thinks he would be easy to makes money with people here since they don’t looks strong while he was a boxing champion. That was before he meet Kagura, who is a little girl with an enormous force since she is a member of the Yato clan from another planet. After punching that men, She makes him tour Kabuki-cho in search of other people who could punch on him.

Since it’s Gintama we are talking about, they meet a bunch of psychopathic characters. Gintama is in fact all about psychopatic characters, but that’s what make it all charming. Sure there are easy scatologic jokes, wich aren’t the best one, but the mix of easy jokes with parody of other anime and drama with a drop of otakuness makes it a funny thing to watch. The concept of Gintama itself is really original with samourai, science-fiction, some real historic character with a twist (Shinsengumi… but I don’t know if the real Okita was a sadistic…), humour, alien, etc. And it all makes sense! Ok, in fact it dosn’t really make that much sense….

Anyways, at the end of the episode, after the ending generic, we got the start of the next episode: Gin-san goes to the public bath with Kagura. There, Gin-san thought he would be alone, but he met Shinpachi, Hijikata, Okita and Kondo. A buch of scary alien come and the episode end. What will happen next? Surely something stupid anyways…

I wont review this episode, since Gintama is above all review, ahahahah! And to finish this beatifully, some Pixiv fanart:

No.6 Episodes 2-3

To keep up with the anime, I’ve just watched 2 in a row, so this review will be episodes 2 and 3. At the end of the first episode, the police came at Sion house. On the seond episode, we find Sion four years later. He was stripped from his privilege and now inhabit in Lost Town where his mother have now a bakery. As he works in park, he found a dead bodies wich looks like a mummy. So, devellopement ensui and we find out that there are bees that parasites humans bodies in the no.6 city. Sion is suspected of murder and since he have says something like “The City have falsify information”, he is arrested. But, like we all expected, Nezumi save the poor guy.

Oh, yeah, there was a girl who wanted to have sez with him… She said hit on a “turn-off” manner, it is kind of pathetic… Anyway, aftr saving Sion, Nezumi takes him to the “real world”, aka the slum, where all the poor people No.6 rejected lives.

On the third episode, wich happen in Nezumi room, Sion start to feels bad and we soon found that he is infected by the parasitic bees. Nezumi is able to take it off and the poor boy sleep for three days  before waking up with Allen Walker face. See:

I don’t know, white hair characters must be eyes catching (ask Gintama.. oh yeah it’s not white, it’s silver! sorry…). Anyways, after his transformation, Sion is pretty scare of the situation, but with a great speach (and later on a little shonen-ai glimpse that have surely leave every fangirl screaming…) he convince him that’s it is a good thing he survive. But they discover that the bees will surely kill everyone in No.6, while Sion wants to save everyone, Nezumi just wants to let them die.

 Those two episode were a little predictable. When Sion is bring by the city police, everyone was waiting for Nezumi to save him. And it was sure that Sion was infected by the bees. And, I’ve read somewhere that an anime wich talks about Shakespear and Oscar Wild should merit our attention. Well, not really, since everyone should know Oscar Wilde and Shakespear, it’s like cheap intellectual plug… Ok, the macbeth soup was great.

The more I see this anime, the more it reminds me other works of science fiction. The theme of a city where only the best can live and where everyone live in lies have been used contless times before. But the relationship beetween the two boys can bring somthing interesting and I’m longing to see others characters. There is this crazy “dogkeeper” (every punk knew this tricks to keep you warm! That’s why punk, at least in Quebec often have a dog…), but it looks like every other characters outside Nezumi and Sion aren’t really develloped. But since it’s only the third episode, we will see what come next.

I Give it a 7\10.

Kamisama no memo-chou Episode 1

Ok, I’m late on all the new animes, so I’ve only watched that one yesterday too. So, that one is about a NEET detective. For those who don’t know already what a NEET is, it’s a Japanese phenomene of people who are unable to fit in society. Usually, they are’nt able to keep a job, they sometime like to gamble, sometimes are finish otakus (on the pejorative sense of the term, not really the way some anime fans see it), sometimes watch porn all day or sometime are just unable to meet people, and usually many of those. Some of tthem lives in their parents homes, even if they are in their 30ths, other barely manage to keep an apartement. To keep it simple NEET isn’t something really great.

So, to create an anime wich use NEETs as protagonists is somehow really funny. The story revolves around an high school student (who is exactly like any other normal high school student of anime, really) name Fukushima Narumi. That boy is a boring one: he nerver gets involved with anyone and don’t even remember the names of his classmates. But by a twist of fate he meet a buch of strange people who does the dirty work for Alice, a self proclamed NEET-Detective, who usually sees the world from his computer screens.

On that first episode, they are looking for a girl who was entangled in prostitution. One of her friends and her boyfriend are scaring the clients by looking for her. Alice and the boys are looking for them.

That first episode is overall good. Many people have write about it, saying it’s one of the summer “must watch”. After watching that first episode, I would says it’s promising. Many characters seems interesting, they form a buch of colorful people, except the high school boy, wich remind me a little too much of Mikado in Durarara. Except that Mikado had a secret and that one just seem boring. The character of Alice is the one I didn’t like. She is so previsible: the little girl who investigate crime and stays mysterious but is sometime so childish… we have seen it hundred of time! But this is a good start and I’ll continue to watch to see where everything goes.

I give it a 7\10.