No.6 Episode 7 : They did It!

Ok, they did it: Sion and Nezumi kissed! Oh my… When I was talking about male-loving scene… didn’t Sion wanted to have sex with Safu? Oh no, I remember, it’s Safu who wanted to have sex with Sion… This is the scene everyone was waiting for. This was a little troubling since either one or the other seem to find it strange to kiss like that… It’s like if it was almost a normal thing. Anyway, let’s review the rest (since that scene only last a few second!). This is afterall a so exciting episode with love, fight, lie and suspense… ok, I’m pilling up a bit there!

The episode start with Nezumi asking a service to the dogkeeper. Since that one didn’t wants to help him at first, Nezumi (that sick bastard…) menace him not to sing for his soul when he die… This is a strange  threat, but it seem to work. Nezumi wants information about the correctionnal facility, and since dogkeeper makes business with a janitor there, it should be easy.

The next part of the episode show Sion mother who is looking for Safu. She goes to the “Beehive” at the center of the city, but there, they told her that this person never existed. Sion mother is starting to questionning the city too. An old woman sit on her side on a bench and start talking about the fact that no.6 is an utopia. Karan don’t answer and a friend comes to take her home. That man told her that he have been inverstigation no.6 and that old woman could have been a spy.

In the West district, Sion is walking with Rikuga. He had ask him to find some medical instrument to make a serum against the killer bees. Rikuga is touched by Sion kindness and want to buy him some new cloths. Looks at that hilariousface:

But in a second hand cloths store, Sion find Safu’s coat. He now understand what happen. Dogkeeper, who was doing the job for Nezumi, ask him why he didn’t tell Sion about the fact that he was searching for the correctionnal facility. Nezumi don’t want to answer him. Returning home, Nezumi find a feast that Sion have made for him. He try to makes him said that he wants to help Safu, but Sion don’t tell a word. And then, he kiss him, saying it’s a good-night kiss. But Nezumi isn’t such an idiot and he know that he will put himself in danger. On the morning, both of them fight (yes, litterally!), and they reconciled and everyone is happy. They promise each other to be there and not lie anymore. This is so touching…

This episode was a bit better that the last one, but everything remain so cliché. The relationship between Nezumi and Sion is a bit boring, because we already know how it will end. On the sixth episode he point a knife on his throat and now they kiss… And the fact that there is an idden truth about no.6, Safu who is used as an experience sample in the correctionnal facility, people who doesn’t exist anymore when they are take out of the system… we all have seen those thing somewhere else. Variation on an already-seen theme can be interesting if it’s taken on another angle. But here, I don’t know. I keep on watching it because it’s fun to watch and well made, but this anime won’t make history.

I have also find that the end of this episode come a bit too fast: they kiss, they fight, they rebecome friend, and everyone is happy! Some characther aren’t well devellope and I’d like to know more about the truth behind No.6. For the good point, I began to like the dogkeeper character. He started to worry about Sion too. I think Rikuga is also an ally. He looks like he wants to help Sion too. The fact that they always call Nezumi “Eve” really makes me laught, I remember that laughable scene each time. The fact that Karan find an ally for investigate No.6 from the inside is good too. The show is starting to get substance around the secondary character and this is a good thing. And that fight scene as so funny!






Anyway, I give this episode a 7.5/10. And here’s a little pixiv fanart of Nezumi that I’ve found:


No.6 episode 6

The sixth episode of No.6 isn’t really filled with trilling action. Most of the episode revolve around Safu, who gets back to No.6 because of her grandmother death.As usual, Sion and Nezumi are also quibbling about the fact that Sion wants to save No.6 to all cost and why Nezumi don’t wants to tell sion the reason of his hate of that city.

While Safu return to No.6, we feel a certain melancholy about her. At the airport, they takes a Picasso bbooks and gives her the tracing-device bracelet that everyone have in No.6. We feel that she start to have something against that city. When she goes to the Twilling house to see her grandmother body, she is asking herself question abouthapiness. Was her grandmother happy? Question are starting to form in her head. When she discover that the box with the belonging of the deceased person didn’t contain the  knitting needle, she is even more questionning. Finnaly, she discover that Sion was charged for felony and murder…

The poor Safu go to see Sion mother, where she learned that he is alive in the West District, living with a “Nezumi”. Safu wants to get there, but she is arrested by government policeman. Sion mother’s write a letter to Sion and Nezumi to inform that situation. In the West District, Sion continue his life, reading books to childrens and helping the dogkeeper with his/her job (is it a male or a female???). But he wants to help the people of the city. Nezumi told him that he will have to choose between him and No.6. All of this looks like a couple quibbling…


The letter that the mother of Sion write is bring to Nezumi. But he don’t know if he wants to show it to Sion: if he learn that Safu was arrested, he would wants to go save her, and Nezumi would loose him… The little looks we have around the piece, showing Sion’s coat, the food on the table and the books he was reading, really show us Nezumi true feeling for Sion.

There wasn’t any important action in this episode. Some scene looked a bit “déja-vu”, like when Sion and Nezumi fight  about Sion concern for that city. He even push him on the ground and take a knife on his throat! But in the end, we all know that Nezumi loves him, his reaction with the letter at the end of the episode proves it. Safu don’t bring anything new. I was expecting her to began questionning the truth about No.6. I also don’t understand why Sion is so nice with Rikuga, after what he did in the other episode… The fact that all those character aren’t really friend, but not foes either is a bit strange. The dogkeeper, is he bad or good? Rikuga, will he help Sion or bring him trouble? It’s correct not to know the answer yet, but I don’t understand where the show is going.

And we also learned that Safu love Sion. But Sion, does he loves safu? We all know that he loves Nezumi, but will he rush to save her? The kiler bees  are also a mystery. And that part of the plot isn’t really developping in the few last episode. I don’t knmow yet if I like this serie or not. This is not bad, but sometime it’s a bit cheesy (I didn’t digest yet Nezumi dress up as Eve…). And Sion character is far too naive. Why does Nezumi is so attract by him? I don’t quite understand. Ok, I will keep on watching because I’m curious, but this serie don’t live up to my expectation. For now at least. Maybe it will become more interesting as time pass, but I don’t know.

For that episode, I give a 6.5/10.

Mawaru no Penguin drum episodes 5

Mawaru no penguin drum is really a good serie! Everything is just keeping becoming crazier and crazier. Those three episode praticly revolve around Ringo and her obssession over Tabuki sensei. This show is getting more and more insane. Many of the review I’ve been reading before starting to watch the show (since I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch it or not, I’ve read quite a few before making up my mind) were rabbling about the symbolism of the thing and the link between PenguinDrum and Utena, the other creation of Ikuhara… Really, I don’t freaking care about all those thing. I just love this show because everything is so crazy, but the story so far is pretty interesting. Many detail are still unclear and I can’t wait to know what will happen next. For now, this is my favortie show for 2011!

The fifth episode show us a flashback about a typhoon where Himari is bring at the hospital by her father (yeah, on foot, when there are trees flying around e verywhere…) Kanba wants to come too and daddy is hurt in the process. This memory don’t really bring anything in the story, but i thing it help making the character of Kamba more human. Futhermore, other part of the episode goes in that direction: when an uncle come to the house saying he wants to sell it and  put the three sibling in three different house, KIamba find money (it’s a rather mysterious man that give him the cash…), showing us another side of him that the playboy-carefree man. A strange character appear too, she carry a gun that shoots little red ball (with a penguin on it) that seems to make people forget thing. We don’t know anything about her, but it seem her name is Natsume.

. Ringo have a place in this episode too. She have a date with her dad. But this one seems to be more interesting in his new family than with Ringo. Even if I usually don’t really care about the symbolism in anime, I really liked the art on the wall of the restaurant. It really well descreive the situation. And poor ringo, while she is so sad, she wanted to buy a cake for Tabuki-san, just to find him eating the same kind of cake with Yuri san! She then goes to Himari’s house where she is eating dinner with Shoma and Himari. During the transformation scene, she is at the three sibling house and she is the one to take Kamba place. This drive us to an hilarious scene where the “Himari-possesed-by-alien-hat” insulte her, and when the penguin wants to end her down the hole, she manage to return back and slap Himari. She after that takes the hat and a truck passing by (with Goodbye written on it… what humour…) take the hat. This chassing scene is excellent.

The characters are getting more and more interesting. Like I already says, Kamba is getting more substance. Ringo is also getting interesting. Even if she is so twisted, she is also quite likable. While we watch her going on in that show, we really relate to the reaction of Shoma toward Ringo: he wants her to get a grip on herself and reality, since Tabuki-san don’t love her at all. Even more, he don’t even know that she loves him (and sometime lives under his house… creepy woman…). But shoma is a bit too nice to her. If I was him, I would have steal the diary a long time ago…

Still… this was a good episode. Not the best so far, but a good one. I give it a 8\10.