Visual Novel game: Are you alice? -first impression-

So, I’ve started this faboulousmax game yesterday and I quite like it actually. I’m reading the manga (since it’s ongoing), but I haven’t heard the Dramas Cds, so I don’t kno all the story. The game is about a man, who arrive into a country called wonderland. He gets into a city and there, a guy with cats ears call him “Alice”. But Alice isn’t sure he is Alice (being him, I wouldn’t be sure myself, since Alice is a girl name… those japaneses people and their crazy idea!). Anyway, he go meet the Queen of heart (who is a he-queen! not a dragqueen, just a plain male-queen… no, they couldn’t cal him the king of heart, would have been too easy!), that male sexy beast, well, another one male sexy beast, who tell Alice that he is the 89th participant to a game in wich Alice have to kill the White Rabit. So Alice accept and go to a quest with tyhe Mad hatter to kill the white rabit.


I've never found Alice in Wonderland that smexy....

So I don’t have finish the game, but I think I’m at 1/3 of it. First of all, the graphics are gorgeous. The game is a “visual novel” game type, where you talk to people and while doing theyr are standing still.  It can get really boring in some games, but in this one, the good graphic makes it more easely playable. See for yourself:

MadHatter and Male Alice...

Those “normal” sequence are often cut by more beautiful pictures. These kind of games are really like reading a visual book while listening to the drama cd: there aren’t any action or shooting or running: you just go where the story bring you. You can sometimes choose a destination, but if you don’t choose the good one, you get a bad ending, so I think there is only one good road, contrary to otome games.

the map.

But even so, I think it is really interesting. Of course, to really understand the story, you must be good in japanese because all of it is only dialogues and texts in japanese. The language level is for an good reader, and come of the actions are describes in a narative way. If you have read the manga, it sticks to the story pretty well, but it seems to be a few changes. Since I haven’t finish it, I can’t really tell to what extend it is near the manga.

Psychotic (male) Queen of heart

So, that’s around it. I’m really enjoying this game, but there are places where there is too much dialogue and like everytime I’m playing theses kind of game, I have difficulties to keep concentrate on it for a long time, so I just skip some dialogues. But the beautiful images are really a highlight of that game. I can’t says if I would recomend it, since I haven’t finish it.

Oh that Smexy beast!


Otome Gaming started

It’s been an eternity since I’ve posted anything on that blog. Well, for now, I’ve started playing otome games on Psp. I’m trying Arcadia Famiglia, Gakuen Hetalia and Are you Alice (well, that one isn’t really otome, but is full of bishonen, so…). Anyway, I quite like it. “Are you Alice” is the best so far.

Well, how can you not like this? That game is full of those hot smexy bishounen! I just can’t stop playing.  But I’m understanding it because I’ve been reading the manga, because the story is sometimes a bit difficult to follow. So, i f I get back on bloging, I could start review thoses games. For the animes, well I think I will only post full animes review: it’s easier that way and demand least space and time. Furthermore, since I’m always late on the watching, it will be more logic that way. For example, I’m currently watching C:the money possibility and control (or something like that… what a title!). This anime have been out last year, so it’s illogical to review each episode separatly. But If I start some animes of this season, I’ll see how I’ll do it.

Talking about this season, there is lots of animes that looks quite good: kids on the slope, tsuritama, the astronaut brother (can’t remember the name) and a few others. I like Rock Lee Spingtime of youth, even if it’s completly idiotic! So, I’ll try to watch those, and maybe Accel World… I’ll see.

Well, that’s it for now!