Btooom! 3 : Crazy games designer are crazy…

In the third episode, we learned how people got to the island in the middle of nowhere and Sakamoto gets in team with a fat “ossan”. And we also get some creepy exploding time and the future antagonist face. Let’s summarize this properly.

When Sakamoto get to the river, Himiko is scared and start to run in the forest. Since she have food, Sakamoto wants to find her, so he uses the magical sonar everyone got on their hand and think he see a figure in the bushes, so he gets there, a bomb in his hand but it’s just  a fat ossan pooping in the bushes (for real….). Sakamoto talks to him and the ossan explained how everyone got there. After that, he ask Sakamoto to gets in team with him, but Sakamoto wants to know what kind of bombs he is carrying. The Ossan don’t want to answer so Sakamoto thinks he is intelligent and accept to team up. A plane let’s more food falls from the sky, so they go after a suitcase, but at the moment Sakamoto was going for it, a women get there and exploded… and a cool guy with sunglasses took the suitcase, leaving poor Sakamoto completely traumatized…

Ok, my summary was too long… now let’s review a bit. This episode was interesting because we have more explanation about how Sakamoto got on the island, but not to much, leaving place for more revelations later. It was hinted that he knew the person on the screen that tell everyone the rules for the “game”, but we don’t know either the connection between them. Other than that, I think Sakamoto shouldn’t have team up with the ossan, he will certainly bring problems later on. He looks like an egoist bastard and I’m pretty sure he isn’t exactly what he looks like.

Of course, the cool guy with the sunglasses will be an important player later on, (hint in the opening too…) and he looks quite hot dangerous. The way he puts a trap in the ground for anyone looking for the suitcase, meaning looking for food, is really nasty. I’m really looking forward his next moves.

Up to now, Sakamoto isn’t really “hero material”, and it’s probably an interesting twist on the writing: being good at something on a video game doesn’t mean you could do the same thing in real life (ever tried to clear a field from land-mines? only works on windows…). And seriously, he should have died when he was throw  out of the plane still unconscious. But this is an anime, so anything is plausible… And I think the ossan will soon die…


Jormungand Perfect Order 1: Loco Koko is back on business!

Ah, Jormungand, one of my favorite spring 2012 anime. This was a surprise that I loved it so much, since I didn’t knew the manga or heard about it before the month of may. I’ve finish watching in September, but I loved it. And now, the second season is already there, so I’m gonna blog it for sure! Well, I’ll try, since school take so much time and all… Anyway, crazy weapon dealer is back on business!

The last episode of the first season left us with Mr Black, the chief of the European bureau of the CIA and the surprise that R, in koko team, was a double agent working for him. The new season gets back on this track, but ading the character of Hex, a crazy paramilitary affiliated with the CIA who hates terrorists and weapon dealer. For whatever reason, she really hates Koko. But let’s start at the beginning.

Koko and her team are in the Pacific Ocean, near the Solomon Island to launch a rocket with the help of doctor Miami (who now have Karen Low for secretary….) to take control of information. Of course, a lot of people are following her progress: other weapons dealers and of course, the CIA. In the end of the last episode of season one, we learned that R was on the CIA side, for the Operation Undershaft. We now learn that this operation is to use and keep an eye on Koko. On her side, Koko tell Jonah about the CIA and a paramilitary she hates named Hex, who we of course see. She have a make-out session with an informator. Now Hex wants to kill Koko. But before, since it wouldn’t be fun enough to just kill her, she wants to take away something that would break her.

The  second episode could have been named “I still can’t sleep on full moon night”, since it seems that on a full moon in eastern Europe, Koko’s team and Hex’s team had a clash, leaving casualties to both sides (and that was on a full moon). These events led to the hatred Hex have for Koko. We also learned about R background and how he came to be an undercover agent for Black (or Saw, or Bookman or whatever).

Well, R don’t really stand out and I didn’t really remember him from the first season, except where he gets punched by Valmet for touching her boobs… But anyway, it feels good to have this show again, I don’t know why, but it feels like seeing some people you haven’t seen for a long time or whatever (feeling nostalgic for no reason, Mitch?)… ok, I’m saying non-sense… Well, we didn’t really see Jonah in this episode, but he will surely be more important in next episode since he is Hex new target: she can’t have koko’s head, so she’ll take something she love in exchange (twisted way of thinking…).

Other than that, the first episode really insist on the fact that Koko is somehow becoming a monster and there were a few speech about the fact that “the world is changing” and won’t be like it was… so, something big’s coming? This season will probably go around these two subjects: what makes you a monster, is selling killing machines right or wrong and when do you stop “being human” (not in a literal way, of course…).

I hope the villains of this season will have more deep, since last season was like “assassin of the week” (another alternative to monster of the week…). Hex could be interesting if we learn more about her. But I just have a little problem with the gang of Cutthroat being  people from Afghanistan or Iraqi following a white women… well, I don’t really have problem with it, I just think this is unrealistic!

Other than that, well, I hope we’ll get to see more Gaspard in this season and that the music track will be as awesome as first season! And that Scarecrow and Shokolade will come back, they were funny! But we need more Gaspard, more Gaspard! ok, it’s too late for my brain, I’m starting to get crazy…

K project 1-2-3: be cool or die trying…

When the fall season list of animes came out at the end of the summer, the K project was certainly one of the most mysterious serie: no one knew about the GoHand studio, there weren’t any synopsis for the story, the previews videos weren’t really reveling anything else that the fact animations and graphics could really look great and that there was a girl with heterochromia and big tits… well, we didn’t knew what to expect! Now, the anime have been airing for three weeks already (I know I’m pretty late…) and we can make our own idea about this show. My verdict: this show is trying so hard to be cool, and you want it to be cool, but there is something missing.

Many people thought that K gives a “Durararara vibes”. Well, the setting certainly looks similar: in a modern city, many gangs own the street and there are fantastic powers or elements involve. But were Durarara was (trying to be) subtle and gives bit of informations about the supernatural side of the city, K project drop us directly into it and directly show us the super-powers and the different factions clash. Well, let’s just resume a little before going no the review and commentaries.

In the first episode, we meet Shiro, and highschool boy who gets well with everyone but don’t really have anyone close. While he have to makes an errand in the city, he is targeted by a group of people with superpowers, with the red color for theme. Theses people are violent and get to fight with another group, some kind of militia with the blue color for thematic. When he was to be kill, he is saved by someone, Kuro (or something like Yatogami Kuroh… everyone have long names… let’s just says Kuro). But it is reveal that Kuro also wants to kill him.

In the second episode, we learn that Kuro was asked by his late King to kill the next colorless king and for whatever reason, Shiro apears on a video were he proclaimed he is that king. But Shiro doesn’t remember at all and certainly don’t want to be kill. The person on the ideo have kill someone from the red clan, so that’s why they want to kill him. Ok, to makes it more brief, we then discover that the cat Shiro have can transform into a (nude) women who hates clothes (fan services for perverted adolescent here). She also have powers and help Shiro escape, but Kuro gets to the school and they finnally gets on an agrement to see if Shiro is bad or not. Meanwihle, the king of the red faction is in a jail guarded by the blue because if he use to much his powers, he will create a super explosion.

Well, I’m ambivalent toward this anime: this isn’t bad, it’s even interesting to watch, but there is something off about it. It seems it is trying to much to please everyone and it falls in cliché to do it: lots of bishies fighting with cool super-powers, a front girl with big boobs and who hates wearing clothes, another female character with big boobs and an uniform too small to fit on her body, a gothic lolita little girl, a white hair leads  with his long black hair friend using a katana, a blond barman always smoking  (feels like déjà-vue… but less violent!)  etc…  Of course the animation and graphics are gorgeous, this is really a feats for the eyes and this is where K really shines. The blue or green color filters add another artistic dimension too. But if the graphic is really fine, I don,t really like the music, it sometime feels out of place.


Anyway, K is really trying to be cool and it’s fun to watch… and there’s many bishies… so I’ll see if it’s really cool, or only trying!

Shin Sekai Yori 1-2-3: Well, if this is the new world, I don’t want of it!

Shin Sekai Yori is certainly one of the strangest anime of the year. Like Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, it’s set in a far future where humanity is bring to a new state. But where Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita was funny, Shin Sekai Yori let an uncomfortable taste and an enormous amount of strange things. But this exactly what makes it a great anime.

Of course it is too early to really say if this a good anime or not. But this far, I’m really enjoying it. At first, we don’t really understand what is happening or the setting, but slowing, things get more comprehensible and we get a little more background of how things get like this.

The setting is 1000 years in the future. Humans now have psychic powers they call Force (or Cantus for whatever reason in one of the subbed), so they can use it to do telekinesis. However, children don’t have it and it’s only by reaching puberty that you can use it. Saki is the last of her friend to get those powers. When she got it, she goes to Sage Academy, where the adolescent learn how to control theses power. But many mysteries surround the Academy: there are many rules to learn and if you’re not good enough or don’t follow the rules, you disappear.

There are many strange creature surrounding them: the Bake-Nezumis, who looks like hamster (imagine planet of the Ape, but with hamster instead of monkeys) and sees the people with force like gods, the “cat of impurity”, that Saki saw, but we don’t exactly know what it is, the Minoshiwa that shine in the dark or some kind snake-birds. Every episode also set a strange moods, even when there are joyous event, like the rolling ball tournament in the second episode. There is also some creepy stories of people getting consume by their own sins and dying by it, usually by their own hand.

We also have a glimpse at the beginning of each episode of how the Japan gets there, starting in the first episode with a kid in nowadays Japan killing people on the street with the force, then 500 an emperor killing people for his own pleasure and 70 years later an insurrection trying to kill another emperor.

The resume this all, this is really something I’ll keep watching, even if it’s creepy and kinda scary… but I love it!


Btooom! episode 2: creepy fat guy are creepy…

… and that is a statement! The second episode of Btooom! (again with this ridiculous name) features the story of himiko, the big-boobs chick Sakamoto meets at the river. Poor little thing, life seems to hate her. Everyone wants to rape her, in the real sense of the term. Well, since i’ve skip the first episode post, let’s just resume it a little.

Sakamoto is a looser: 22 years old, non-employed, living with his mother, not going to shcool, just using his computer all day to play video-games. But in the world of the Btooom! game, he is a hero, the best in Japan and the fifth of the world. When he wake up alone on a deserted island with any memories of what happened, a bag full of bombs and a strange green thingy on his hand. he is lost. He is fast attacked by a strange guy who wants to kill him. Now he understand: he have to play Btooom in real  life. Of course he beats the guy and gets to a river where he meet the beautiful Himiko washing herself.

Well, the second episode wasn’t really an happy one. We heard the story of Himiko, who also liked to play the Btooom! game (where, of course, she knew Sakamoto… tiny little Japan). Himiko had a best friend who really admire their Senpai. One day, Himiko brought everyone over to that senpai house. Himiko gets there late because she bought snack, and when she gets there, all of her friends had been raped and Miho, her friend, ask her for help. But Himiko only thinks of saving herself and go call the police (if you ask me, the only sane thing to do…), but Miho hates her. She then also wake up the island where she is found by a ossan teacher, a crazy not-so-black guy who loves knifes and a creepy really fat guy. The not-so-black guy kill the teacher, so the fat one and Himiko tried to get away and of course the fat guy tries to rape her… poor Himiko… she hit him with a bombs and that’s where she gets to the river where she meets Sakamoto… But she now hates all men… dundundun…

What a long resume! This anime is really dark and edgy. But I’m curious to see where it’ll go. I also wonder if she gets to that island because of Miho, there was something about a letter where you write the name of someone you hate and get a 100 000 yens reward after their disappearance. But really, that story doesn’t makes sense: how could she save her friends? there were five grown-up men in that apartment, so Miho really is a bitch. Plus, they all got arrested. The only real action to take was obviously to run to the cops!

And that creepy fat guy… common, he is such a caricature! Well, most of the characters are pretty archetypal, so… Well, I’m curious to see if she’ll try to kill Sakamoto, who probably thought he found a nymph bathing in the river or something. She can’t kill him since it’s the hero, but… let’s see what’s next!

Robotics;Notes first episode: The girl and her robot obsession…

Robotics;Notes was certainly one of the most awaited anime of the falls season, made by the same team as Stein;Gates, which I didn’t watched but seems really good, and Chaos;Head, which is really bad… So, where does Robotics;Notes will stand? Well, it this too early to say, as the first episode only aired this week. I can also say that this episode doesn’t really show much and it is difficult to says if I’m really interested to watch more… well, let’s see.

Our main characters are a somehow bored young boy who only think about his videogames and a super-energetic-robot-obsessed girl. The two of them are the only members of the Robot Club of their school and their goals (well, the girl goal, since the boy insn’t really interested…) is to build a giant robot like in those cool mecha anime. In this case, the robot is from an inside universe anime named Gunnirival or something (I heard Gambare each time they says that name…) that had huge succed but never aired the last episode. Our robotic club face deficit and to have the money to continue their project, they have to win the next robotic tournament. Or something along theses lines.

There is also the megane character whose name I don’t remember who don’t want to be in the club, even if he have super-skills, the super bored girl of the grocery store, the annoying teachers… and a mysterious girl who is kind enough to tell us the years this serie is supposed to be set (2019). This girl seems pretty annoying: we don’t see her in the opening, we don’t see her in all the episode and she have all the ending for herself. Plus, she says an annoying sentence from Chaos;Head, and have a luminous thingy on the face. The rest of the anime seems pretty rational, but this only little scene makes it falls into the “I’m not sure I’ll watch” categorie.

Anyway, that was a usual start for an anime, setting up the characters, the facts, the places, etc. The animation is really fluid and the background are gorgeous (just look at the scene with the sun getting down…). I don’t know yet if I’ll watch every episode or if I’ll blog, but I heard Stein;Gates had a very slow pace, so maybe I need to watch a little more to really get interested… will see next week!

Ixion Saga DT episode 2: Ah, theses sexy villains without balls…

Yeah, Ixion Saga Dt is great. The first episode was funny, but the second one was hilarious! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I had great fun watching this. The villains are absolutely awesome, they seriously are the cool thing of the show.  Well, let’s do this the good way.

So, let’s go back on the first episode, since I haven’t review anything for real since the fall season started. Well, this is a bit idiot this inaugurate the season with such a show, but nevermind that… In the first episode, we have our protagonist, Kon, playing a RPG game (and loosing). A women ask him for some help in real life and he is immediately transported in another world. While being tele-transported, he falls on someone and end up saving a princess and her companion, a cross-dressing maid and a

the boots…

tough middle-aged man. The cute little princess ask Kon to go with them to the capital, but the militia lead by Erecpyle Dukakis, or Erec-sama, want to stop them. Fortunately, Kon saves the day with a kick between the legs of Erec-sama with huge dragon-boots…

So the second episode starts with Erec-sama in the hospital where he learned that the doctor had to cut one of his ball… Yeah… This is stupid. And this is the occasion for a four minutes of balls related-joke with his lieutnant (who have great names like Variasion, KT, Gustave and Leon… but nothing beats Erecpyle…). The subtitles weren’t great for this part, but since I understand Japanese, that was funny! Mainwhile, our protagonist argue with the three others because he don’t really want to be a knight for an eight years old princess (who have to be married, by the way…), but everyone push him to stay.

Erec-sama wants his revenge with Kon (who he calls DT and this seems to be an insult for a reason… DT doesn’t really stand for Dimensional Transfer… something that goes with his virginity)m so he goes to the city where everyone is with a huge char, but fortunatly Kon gets some super-power (with the super sword he steals from Erec) and beats the crap out of him. But that isn’t is fault, he didn’t had any balance because he have only one ball… anyway, Kon saves the day and decide to go to the capital with princess and co.

And the Ending is the best one of the season. No, of the years!

Really, this was looking like a crappy show, but I have so much fun watching it! The villains really are great. Gustave, the red-haired one, looks like he is out of some 80’s anime and Erec-sama is funny. I really like how they interact. The show doesn’t take itself seriously and this is what makes it interesting. The voice acting is also great, Fukuyama Jun even play the cross-dressing maid! Anyway, let’s end this with great picture of the ending…