Robotic;Notes 2: No money, no robot

I know, I know, the second episode of Robotic;Notes aired a long time ago, but with studies I’m late in every aspect of my life… including my blog…

So, in this episode, Akiho needs part to repair a little robot, Tanegashima machine-san. It needs to be ready for the tournament held in a few weeks, so her and Kaito goes to an old man shop (in the middle of nowhere) to buy part. Since the club don’t have any money, they can’t afford all the pieces and the old man don’t want to gives them for cheaper. Of course, Kaito don’t want to give her money if she can’t beat him to Kill-Ballad game. But he goes to eat a special disgusting bum to get information about the old man and found that he have a great-daughter going to their school. So Akiho goes ask her for a discount but she refuse. Akiho and Kaito get back to the shop and Kaito says to the old man they will pay when they win the tournament, so Akiho works really hard to gets thing done and she barely sleeps. She get exhausted (and have a fishy syndrome called elephant-mouse syndrome) and Kai have to help her. He have the idea to call the programmer of the Kill-Balad game.

That’s another too long summary… Anyway, we learned a little more about Akiho in this episode. It seems there was an accident nine years ago and she have the strange syndrome since that time. There was a woman in a publicity for robotic legs in the first episode and it seems this woman is Akiho sister, who was the president of the Robots Club and she asked Kaito to help her after she quit. She now don’t want to talk to her sister. Some strange light in the sky are probably related to that accident (everything is linked in anime…).

I really liked the scene in the combini with the passion fruit bum…  Mizuka, the girl with the robotic legs is a fun character. Of course Kaito can’t  just sit there to play his game and not helping at all, so he is the kind of guy to do thing under the table. It is obvious that Subaru Hidaka, the guy Akiho wants to have in the club, will be at the robot contest and eventually will join the club. It is also obvious the shy karate girl will do the same. And they have to win the said contest or the anime will end there: no money, no robot.

Many bloggers says that the third and fourth episode gets them to enjoy the show, others have says it was still boring. I think this could be interesting, but Akiho sure is annoying.


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