K Project review: Cool Kings and Cool Kids

K (3)

The K project anime was a mysterious one: a special name with one letter, no information on the story, previews showing only a cast of various characters fighting, the studio working on it wasn’t really know, a cast of great voice actors and a busty front girl. As the anime started in October, the impressive visual and the premises shows in the firsts episodes really draw our attention  and  many of us where comparing it with other urban-fantastic tales. Unfortunately,  K didn’t keep up the quality. But let’s start by the beginning, the summary first.



Isana Yashiro is an high school boy who  is know by anyone but don’t really have any close friends. His high school is on an island near a big city, and one day, as he goes to an errand for the school festival, he is chased by a group of violent youngster who claim that he killed their friend, Tatara Totsuka. They have Yashiro’s face on camera just before he kill him and declare he is the new seventh king.  The group is Homra and is led by the red king, Mikoto Suoh. Fortunately, someone come and rescue Yashiro, a young man named Yatogami Kuroh who carry a katana and have samurai manners. But instead of saving him, Kuroh claim he have to kill him since he is the new colorless king and he is bad since he killed someone. Yashiro persuade him that he can prove he is wrong so Kuroh come and live at the school with him and Neko, a young female who have special power of illusion (and becoming a cat…). At the same time, another group named Scepter 4, a militia like group ruled by the blue king Reisi Munakata, wants to stop Mikoto Suoh because of the way the power of the kings works, he could bring mass destruction.


The review

Story: 6 on 10

Like many anibloggers (wow, first time I use this word…), I was intrigued by this anime, for the many reasons listed before. The first episode gave us some good elements for the story and the whole concept of the world where K is set is interesting: a modern city in Japan but where seven kings with special powers attract people to them, but with the constant danger of the “sword of Damocles”, a big sword that appears in the sky each time they use their powers. And then, the young man who get into this mess by accident… or not, since he isn’t really sure if he could be the murderer. Helped by his side-kick (Kuroh) and the hot chick (Neko), he have to get to the bottom of this tangled situation. But the story goes in all direction and things get… not so well. This a fun anime, but many things are left unexplained or unclear and the end left me with a bitter taste. I enjoyed the ride, but this could have been much better.


Characters: 5 on 10

The main problem about the characters is that I don’t really care about them since we didn’t really get to them and they don’t get any development. Yashiro is funny and quite mysterious, but I couldn’t bring myself to cheers on him.  Kuroh, who looks really cool in the first episode, become Yashiro house wife for whatever reason. I understand how they wanted to bring a funny side of him and make him more human, but it just makes him annoying. Neko is obviously there only for the fan service and to conveniently be used when there’s a plot hole, since her power is the one to create illusions. The others characters are cool, but we don’t really get to know anything about them, so it’s pretty difficult to understand their goals. The two others characters we get to know a little more ( and only a little) are Yata with his skateboard and Fushimi who betray Homra for Scepter 4. Even the blue and red king aren’t people we care about, and we couldn’t care less about the one who was killed. This could have been avoided if the anime was a bit longer:  knowing each team and theirs members, how they interact together, who was Totsuka, more about the past of Weisman and how the Damocles sword works (or why, for that matter…),etc. The viewer could love the characters a bit more and relate to them. Because as it is now, we don’t get to know them, they don’t get any development and we don’t really care about what happens to them.


Animation and visual: 9 on 10

The visual is really the good point of K: every thing looks gorgeous. The characters are really well draw, the background are superb, the animation are fluid, the battle scene great, the color are brights, this was spectacular. The visual of the opening and ending are interesting too, even if the opening was mostly using clips from the anime. And the quality of the animation doesn’t wears off as the serie goes on. This is really a good point of this anime.


Music and sound: 7.5 on 10

The cast doing the voice acting is really good. most of them being popular voice actor and every voice seemed to fit the character. I really liked some characters voice a lot, like the voice of the red king with the “I don’t care” feeling or the psychopathic voice of Fushimi when he says “Mi-sa-ki”. But on the other side, I didn’t really enjoyed the music. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. The opening was forgettable and the too many change of pace in the music makes it hard to remember (except the start of the song, which annoyed me a lot). The ending was a cute little song that I really like, but this isn’t something I’ll really listen to. The music during the anime is a mix of many kind, electro, a bit of street beats, hip hop, etc. This is really urban, not bad music, but not really good either. I sometimes felt the music was out of place, like slow beat during a battle.


Enjoyment: 8 on 10

Even with all these flaws, K was fun to watch. The intriguing story and the many plot twist were funs to follow, the characters were cool (yeah, even with all I says, they were cool!), the setting interesting… I enjoyed the ride. But a few more episode to explain more and to get to know the characters more would have been better. I suppose they put all the budget on the visual, so there wasn’t anything left for the rest… just kidding! But K is a fun anime, with flaws, yes, but fun to watch anyway.

Global note: 75 on 100



K project 1-11:


Yeah, I know I’ve said in my earlier post about the K anime airing this falls that it’s all about being cool and it couldn’t live the expectations and blahblahblah… well, I maintain what I’ve said, but I really enjoy this one… I know I’m childish, but common, I’ve got a thing for sexy men fighting! So it’s the only anime of the season I’ve catch up so far! At least, it’s less shame than Oniai that was previously the anime I had the most episode watched (five of it… I know I should be ashamed since Oniai is purely bad fan-service and incest thingy… and I’m a girl…). Ok, let’s get back to the main subject, K anime.


First, a little summary of what happened so far… don,t worry, nothing too spoilerific (wow! a new word! in ten years, this will be in the Oxford Great Dictionary). So, in this world, there are many “kings” that draw people to them and have supernatural powers. The most sexy important kings in this story are Mikoto Suoh, the red king who is always mad and have the HOMRA organisation, and the blue king, Reishi Munakata who reign over Scepter 4, a special task force organization with sword (yeah, I know how it sounds). But these two organization aren’t even the protagonist: they are looking for him because they both think he killed a guy in Homra. That guy, Isana Yashiro fortunatly have an ally, Yatogami Kuroh, some kind of modern-age-samurai who have a creepy fixation on his late master’s voice, and Neko, the fan-service provider for the show who likes to go around nude and can create illusions.

So, whith his samurai dog and the cat-girl, Shiro (his little name) try to avoid being catch while trying to recall if he really killed the guy or not. At the same times, Homra and scepter 4 confront many times as their members find one another for a reason or another… ok, enough with the summary (what summary, I’ve only describe some characters… whatever), too many other things to say!


As stated in my other post, this was made to pleased most fans of anime, girls and boys, whatever kind they love (well, maybe not the shojo one…): battle, cool gangs, military organization, conspirator, gothic lolita girl, high school decor, nude girls, supernatural power and even some little yaoi hint! and this isn’t only in my imagination… this blue king really like to talk to people really really near their face, specially with other guys, or that creepy Fushimi with Misaki… But this is all made to spice it up a little!


After all these episodes, what I think of this anime so far: not so bad. This certainly isn’t a masterpiece, but this isn’t a bad one either. Of course there isn’t enough episodes for all the content they are trying to put in each episode. There are many things that certainly won’t be explain at all and are left to our imagination or to read in the two mangas published in japan about the prequel. And with only two more episodes before the end, many questions will be left unanswered.


Anyway, my favorite character for now is Mikoto Suoh… he is so cool and I like a man of few words! Fushimi is somehow creepy, but also really cool and I like the idea of someone changing gang and after that having a fight with his last partner… not so original thought… Yata Misaki is pretty cool too with his bat and his skateboard, but he seems inspired by that character from Paranoia Agent, lil slugger, but with a skate and not rollerblades… Other than that, I think Neko is annoying, Isana Yashiro doesn’t bring any sympathy from me and Yatogami Kuroh could have been cool, but just become lame. I think the writers tried to make him funny and sympathetic, but they just make him annoying.


I would have liked to know more about the flashback with Weismann and the japanese lieutenant, in fact, I would have liked know more everyone past. Mikoto and the blue king seems to know each other very well, or where does Anna come from? why is Awashima Seri, the scepter 4 busty lieutenant coming to Izumo bar, that is the Homra SQ?


Ok, I’m only complaining now… but the visual of this anime are stunning and I have lots of fun watching it. This is a bit of a paradox, but I really enjoy it… ok, the fact that half of the cast are pretty boys make it more bearable! But the action and fight are also well made and the mysteries leave us wanting more. K.Project.600.1162057






I’m not dead (yet)…

A little message to my (few…) readers, I’m really sorry if I haven’t been able to post anything on my blog for approximately one month. I don’t want to close it and I really want to continue blogging about anime, but to do it, I have to take the time to watch animes and right now, time isn’t really something I have enough of. Between school, work and life, animes takes (unfortunately) the last place on my priorities. So, I wont do weekly review of the shows, I will, instead do some review after a few episodes and of course the reviews of the complete anime at the end of the season. Of course, if I have something absolutely great to talk about or an editorial message (I’d like to do some, but I don’t really have any ideas) about the anime world, I’ll write about it. So, to my few readers, who  by the way I want to thank for reading me even if my English is atrocious, sorry for the delay and I hope I’ll be able to write for you all soon!