I’m back!

So, I had almost forgot about that anime blog I have in the past few months… In fact, I didn’t really watched any anime at all in the winter and spring season, since none of them really appealled to me. But, for some reasons, I’ve recently re-started to watch some anime, and watching them I really really wanted to post something about what I was thinking while watching them. Argh, and there I was, thinking I was getting too old for these kind of thing! No, and since during the summer I have a lot more free time than during the year, I hope to be able to blog about a few anime.

In fact, what re-hooked me to animes was Shingeki no Kyojin… I was seeing this title everywhere on the internet (ok, mostly Tumblr…) and was pretty curious… so I watched the 13 first episodes in a few days (but why did they put a recap episode, is the question… WHY!) And then, the first episode of Free! was on and I had to watch it (common, guys without shirt swimming and being hot…), and then the first Dangan Ronpa episode, and f*ck… I was on again. So, I hope to be able to post a few thing a week… Or I’ll simply forget and basta, that’ll be it. And to finish this, a little eye0candy:



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