Happy New Year Everyone!

I wish everyone a Happy new year! I hope you will all realize what you want and this years will be good for everyone. Let’s also hope we’ll be able to watch good animes!


Other than that… I’ ll try to update my blog a little more often and to finish the reviews I haven’t finish yet. I also hope to be able to return to Japan this year.

So, dear readers, a happy new year!


I’m not dead (yet)…

A little message to my (few…) readers, I’m really sorry if I haven’t been able to post anything on my blog for approximately one month. I don’t want to close it and I really want to continue blogging about anime, but to do it, I have to take the time to watch animes and right now, time isn’t really something I have enough of. Between school, work and life, animes takes (unfortunately) the last place on my priorities. So, I wont do weekly review of the shows, I will, instead do some review after a few episodes and of course the reviews of the complete anime at the end of the season. Of course, if I have something absolutely great to talk about or an editorial message (I’d like to do some, but I don’t really have any ideas) about the anime world, I’ll write about it. So, to my few readers, who  by the way I want to thank for reading me even if my English is atrocious, sorry for the delay and I hope I’ll be able to write for you all soon!


Falls anime first impressions

So, the falls anime have started since last week and I’ve I watched a few first episodes, so let’s see what I feel like watching and what I don’t….

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

This seasons have a few Shojo airing and the first I’ve watched was Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. This first episode was pretty enjoyable. The two main characters are funny, but the girl is quite cliché (the studious girl who never had the time for friendship or love because she have to be number one in everything she does…). The boy feels like a complete idiot, but a cute complete idiot, so that’s okay. Of course, the rest of the cast, who will all become friend with the two unsocial main characters will gradually show up and be add to makes a joyous gang of people… we can all see that coming! But if it’s made well, it could be interesting. I also really like the OP, it was full of color and joy.

verdict: watching a few more episode before deciding if I’m blogging it or not.

Chuunibyou demo Koi wa Shita

Ah, the eight grader syndrome, everyone had it in a way or another. I wanted to be a communist and I was listening to old obscur 70’s punk group singing about anarchy and nihilism, while wearing combat boots and leather jackets… Wait, that’s how I still am! Well, joke apart, I haven’t watched many KyoAni anime, but I obviously knew of their characters design (K-On is pretty well know after all…), and this isn’t a style I really appreciate. Too much moe isn’t good for your health, you know (in reality, it’s because guys look dumb and I like cool sexy anime guys! ok, I’m kidding). But I quite liked the premise of the story. I liked the fact the guy is boring because he prefer being boring and the girl with the eye-patch (I’m so bad with names, sorry!) is funny and interesting. I wonder where the story will go.

Verdict: probably watching, but certainly not blogging


This is such a stupid name and it’s so awkward to pronounce too. This is a typical survival game anime where everyone have to kill everyone else to win, this time with bombs as murder weapon. Of course the protagonist is a good-for-nothing boy with no job or other skilled than video-gaming. And of course he will fall for the big-boobed blond in high-school miniskirt, who is  bathing in a river. The grapĥics are interesting and I’m curious to see the other peoples on the island. But other than this… it look boring!

verdict: will give it a try of a few more episodes

Ixion Saga DT

I wasn’t supposed to watch this… I wanted to stay away from it and even forget its existence, but I finally gave up and watched the first episode… which I strangely enjoyed! I’m almost ashamed to write this…  Well, this anime have a great seyuu cast, oddly enough for the production value which is very low: strange or ugly characters, big-ass hairs, freaking ugly names, cliché protagonist and cliché setting with a cliché story, bland background, well nothing good here. The thing is, this anime doesn’t take itself seriously and gives a funny vibe, but since the story itself looks boring and cliché, I don’t know if I can enjoy this on the long run. Oh, and the Op was awesome! Just kidding…

Verdict: not watching, not blogging (ok, I’ll watch  another episode, just to see)


I was waiting for this one! I love the manga, so Iwas so happy when I saw that the anime was coming for this october. The first episode was interesting, it respected well the manga story. I didn’t imagined Aladdin voice like this, but it’s okay I guess. I just wonder if it can be good enough, after all this is a typical shonen anime and on the long run it can become boring or repetitive.  But It looks good for now.

Verdict: watching

Zetsuen no tempest

This was… special… Zetsuen no tempest is a strange anime. The story is suppose to be around the Shakespeare story The Tempest (of course) and even if there are point that matches, other things are completly random. There are big creepy things with chains and an eyes coming from the ground and transforming everyone in metal, but excluding of course the two teenagers protagonists. And there is a high shonen ai vibe to this one, I can already see everyone shipping the two boys together! But the graphics are pretty good and I kind of want to know what will happening. Plus, the music is gorgeous!

Verdict: Certainly watching
So, I’ll make another post for the rest of the anime  I watched. I’m pretty late with all the series and I haven’t finished all the review for the summer season, but, one at the time and everything will be done…

Litchi de Hikari Club: WTF… yeah, WTF…

So, I had heard about the new Litchide hikari Club anime, but I didn’t knew this was gonna be a 2 minutes joke anime. When I watched the first episode, I hadn’t read the source material, but I was kind of surprised since I had read that the story involved yaoi and gore. Well…. now that I have read the source material, I can say this isn’t just yaoi and gore… Someone on Tumblr have qualifie it of “gore-mindfuckery-with-yaoi-element” and that exactly what it is! Seriously, this is disturbing, really disturbing, but quite good too. If you like that kind of thing, because this is serious nightmare fuel.

But why make a joke anime out of it???  The first episode, which makes reference of an event in the first chapter where a boy have see the hideout of the Hikari Club and they are wondering what kind of punishment they should use on him. This is exactly the same thing (except Kanon and Litchi aren’t there yet in the manga at this point of the story), but the ideas everyone gives are quite different (it have to be funny, not scary…).

But the jokes aren’t really funny if you haven’t read the manga, and since it’s a manga full of disturbing subjects, I don’t really understand the goal of the joke anime. They should have make an anime about the story, even if an anime like that wouldn’t be for everyone (obviously 18+).


But even if it’s gore and yaoi, the manga bring interesting questions. The story is about a club of nine boys who wants to make an robot powered by litchis (I know how it sound…) to bring girls to their hideout. If the first volume tell the story of the robot and a girl, the prequel is more subtle and tell how the club came to be, but also make a great parallel about how people tend to accept the unacceptable, like in WWII. The reference are pretty easy to catch, but this is an interesting subject.

Anyway, that was my little post on Litchi de Hikari Club. If you want to read something disturbing but at the same time beautiful (the art is stunning), go read this manga and the prequel. But don’t if you have something against yaoi (with underage boys…), gore, sexual deviance, organs and blood splashing… This story could haunt you for days. And let’s end this with a HUGE spoiler, the best freaking page of the manga:

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita: about fairies

Fairies are scary: it’s all I’ve understand of this summer strangest anime, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita. The twelfth episode aired this week and I think it was the last one, so I’m good to do the final full review of it. But I’ll do it later on, since for now we will have a look on the fairies in the Jintai world.

Like I said previously, fairies are scary creature. During the whole serie, we only grasp a bit of their mysterious powers and abilities and in the end we didn’t learned much about them. We know that they like sweets and sugar, they reproduce by having fun, they can build anything with… well… any material (pineapple power supply anyone?), they tend to be naively cruel, they can play with the spatial-temporal continuum (freaking paradogs….), create clones and can erase memories. They also tend to function as a whole group, but are also individual (but they look quite the same… except McFarlan). I’m not sure if  their abilities are the result of magic powers or technology. After all, someone have said “At some point, technology is done so well that it looks like magic” or something around theses lines. It’s probably a mix of the two. After all, science can be seen as magic demystified.

Another thing about the fairies: they seems to bring some kind of luck to the humans (the few human in reality…) who live around them. In the “Lost Space Probes” arc, Watashi receive a strange book from the fairies in which they explain the whole concept of how much hope you can have in dangerous situation if fairies are around… and the despair if there are none. Watashi herself had the help of fairies many time in the story, but it often turns out to get her in some other sort of trouble. I don’t really understand if this luck is intended from the fairies or if it’s a side effect of their presence around. After all, why would they help the humans if it don’t bring them more fun?

Talking about fun, hedonism is the fairies way of life, but not exactly on the same level as an human being. Fairies are hard worker: they like to build thing and like the the feeling of well-done work. On the other hand, they will only work if they think it’s fun to do it, if there is pleasure at the end of the line. All their action are directed toward the goal of having more pleasure, be it from the sweets or from fun situations. Their vision of the world isn’t exactly like ours. All this fun, on a second level, can be seen as the main goal of life itself in reality: to maintain the species and procreated. Ok, it seems wrong like this , but don’t forget that fairies procreate (or  maybe they reproduce by division like cells….) when they have fun. The more they have fun, the more fairies there are.

The fairies are technically superior to humans, they could wipe them out of the planet, but they are also kind of dumb when taken individually. Their high number is their force, but on the other hand they need humans to make sweets (refined sugar is hard to find in the nature…). Some human seems to never have seen any fairies at all, but it could be because of the fairies capacity to erase the memory. They are weak individually, but together they can make great thing… and create great disasters. Like humans… The author of the serie (and of the light novel published before) probably wanted to makes a deformed reflection of the humanity. The ninth episode on the island is a good example of this: when there are too many fairies in a place, the weeks are bullied. When they talk about creating their own nations, what pops in the fairies mind is control and nations struggle. They created great things together, build whole functioning facilities, even created OGM, celebrate their government and finally polluted the water and the earth, build huge (on fairy size…) monuments and destroyed all the natural resources of the island… This episode alone is like a fable on the human capacity to makes the better and the worse and the fairies of this episode are the perfect reflection of our own capacities and flaws.

And let’s not forget their ultra creepy side. First, their twisted moral. Even if I have said they are our reflection, fairies are really different on many aspect.  The fairies don’t have any moral, well they have one, but it’s on a  different scale from ours. Since all they want is to have fun, they don’t really care if someone gets hurt in the process, they don’t really have any sympathy for others,  fairies or humans. It’s above their creepy way of talking about death and starving with this big smile, it’s in their comportment itself. For example, making many clones of Watashi, even if she said it was wrong, all of this only for their own pleasure of making more sweets. Cloning is already in the gray area of moral, but doing it only for pleasure is really special. On the other hand, pleasure is their survival key, so we can extend it to the fact they have made clones for their own survival… but since there are other way to have pleasure, it’s still wrong to do it, we can’t say the ends justify the means…

don’t take the cloning banana!

And the creepiest of all: the completely f*cked up scene of the fairies playing with a severed head (or something that looks like it…) without any link to anything in any episode….

So, that was my little essay on the Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita fairies. Even if this an anime with pastel colors and cute characters, this is nightmare fuel for many people out there, including me… Crazy fairies….

An updates on anime: Binbougami ga and Joshiraku dropped

Well, time goes on and I’m late with all the anime I wanted to watch for the summer season… I’m late on one episode of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, I’m late on five for Natsuyuki Rendezvous, I’ve dropped Binbougami ga! and Joshiraku (fun to watch, but boring to review…) and I’m trying to catch up Sword Art Online, but failed to do so… Well, since many summer anime end in two weeks (october is coming soon, so new animes too!), I’ll probably make one big review for the whole anime instead of multiple little ones. I guess SAO is like Accel World and will last for 25 episodes or so (yes, no?)

Why did I stopped watching Binbougami ga? It was getting boring. I like to watch it once in a while, but since I have less time for animes, I prefer watch more awesome anime in my free time than this. I don’t like the whole “drama” insert here and there and the main girl is a complete bitch, so I don’t feel anything when she start to cry. The bishonen in her classroom (I don’t remember his name… the one with the big poor family…) is boring and don’t have any personality at all, well like every supporting characters: they are unilateral and their signature jokes (the sado dog and the pervert priest for example) are getting annoying and repetitive. This is a funny anime and I liked the anime jokes insert here and there, but in a whole this isn’t anything memorable. Verdict: dropped.

In the Joshiraku case, it’s not because it’s boring, it’s more because I haven’t anything to write about it each week. It’s fun to watch and I don’t feel “dropped out” because I’m not Japanese. I also think the people who have taken their time to subbed it have great merit since it’s on a high level of Japanese speach. Why do I says that? Because many blogger on the world wide web have stated that this anime shouldn’t be view by non-japaneses people and even less translated. Sure, this is for a Japanese audience (like mostly all anime in fact!), but I can enjoy it too. True, I’ve been studiying Japanese language for a few years now and I know a lot about the Japanese culture. But like in every comedies, it’s okay to laugh at what you find funny and let the rest out! Look at Shrek: some jokes are for the children and other are for the parents. Do we tell the children not to watch it because they won’t understand the “adult jokes”? Anyway, that was my little rambling.Verdict: watching but not reviewing.

So that’s it… I’ll try makes new post as soon as I can (school, school, school…) and a resume of what I want to watch in the fall season. And let’s end this beautifully with one of the show I want to watch soon: Kuroko no Basket. Hot men playing basket ball? Yes please! (Click on the picture for full size eye candy…)

Been away for a long time…

So, I haven’t post anything for two long week and I haven’t watched animes either for that time. So I’m a bit late with all the series I’m currently watching but I’ll try to get back at it. But school begin soon so I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to put on blogging. I’ll see when time comes. I’d also like to thanks anyone who read me and don’t be afraid to let comments anywhere on my blog!

Here’s a cool summer picture from pixiv…