Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desus ne? episodes 1

Another anime from a light novel, Mondaiji-tachi (let’s just call it that since that name is way too long…) is a story about three young person sent to another world where they have to win games (or something along theses lines). The three kids have obvously special powers: there’s Izayoi Sakamaki, a super powerful arrogant young boy who is absolutely bored with everything in life; Asuka Kuudo, the ojou-sama who have the power to command anything or anyone into what she wants; and finally You Kasukabe, a quiet and anti-social girl who have the power to talk to animals. In the other world where they arrive, call “Little Garden”, they meet Black Rabbit, a sexy young lady with rabbit ears who explain them the world they are in.


This part gets over complicated for whatever reason, but what I understoud was that in this world you can play game to win prizes. You bet on capacities, your own or the capacities of others people. It apears Black Rabbit have makes them come to that world because the community she is part of have been ripped off their name and banner by a Demon. So they now need powerfull players to win it back. And their community is now call “No Name”… Shamefull, really.


So, this first episode wasn’t too boring, but this anime doesn’t look really special or interesting. It’s the kind of cliché story, but this time, the three main protagonist aren’t even interesting. The only character I like so far is Black Rabbit, who is playing the cool girl, but is in fact no so sure of herself. The three kids are arrogant and I don’t really like them so far. It’s hard to makes those kind lovable: the thought kid have to have flaws or he’ll get annoying.


For now, he is super-powerful (he even beats a god on his first day… please someone kick his ass!), think he is cool, is always sure of himself (over-confident even), and think he have it with the ladies… LOSER! The ojo-sama is, well… an ojo-sama, wich makes her annoying without doing anything. But by the moment she opens her mouth, she is even more annoying. She needs fast character development, or all the characters inside the story will want to kick her. The third one feels like… the third one: bland and empty. She seems to have no characterisation at all, except the fact she can talk to animals.


So, I’ll see where it goes, but for now, this anime feels generic to the extreme.



Sasami-san at Ganbaranai episodes 2


The second episode of sasami-san explained us the why of the first episode right away: Sasami-san’s brother have the power of amaterasu, which makes all the lesser gods obey him. When he wished for chocolate, all the gods in the world wanted to please him so they make the whole world into chocolate… WOW…  Of course, the three sisters remain a mystery. It seems that Sasami-san had this power previously, but she doesn’t have it anymore. So she observe her brother to know the alterations he makes in the world.


So, the second episode is about an online game where all the students gather instead of going to school. The three sisters wants to investigate, so they go to Sasami’s house, since she have many computers. But Sasami don,t want them to close the game, since she have all the items and have the best score of the game. But  the demon master of the game begin to alter the reality by eating the soul of those playing. We finnally learn that it was because Sasami asked him to guard and protect the game when she had the power of Amaterasu. So now, he can stop his hardship and rest in peace… whatever.


Well, this episode sort out things a little, but I can’t wait to learn more. I’m not sure if I get into the story yet, but this is entertening. I really don,t understand the thing about hiding the brother face, and the three sister are kinda annoying, but I’ll keep watching for the time being.


Vividred Operation 1-2: True magicals girls never wears pants…

Yeah, next time I meet someone, I’ll offer him a tomato… So, this is another “magical girl” anime for a more perverted mature audience, with the girls flying around while the “camera shots” shows really precisely what’s between the legs of a young girl… Common, the first scene of the first episode opens on the butt of a girl wearing really tight white panties (maybe she forgot to put pants on, or maybe theses are the pants of the future…)! And of course all these young girls will get really close one to another, providing lustful viewer their share of girl-on-girl love and more than friendship bounding.


Of course, there is a story. In a near future, the world is in peace because of a new form of energy coming from the sky. In this world in peace, next to the giant power plant of blue island, live Akane, an energetic young girl who live with her sister and her grand-father (who of course invented the energy source…). But this peace is in danger: a giant robot-thingy called “The Alone” is attacking the power plant! So Akane and her friend Aoi become Magical Girls (using a technology created by Akane’s grand-father… Science Magical Girl…) to save their beloved island.


So, they are able to turn the energy off the Alone, but another girl apears and get the machine back on track with a magical bow. Now, the Alone is super-duper powerful, so the two girl need to Dock… Docking time! But they can’t, because Aoi have a secret she never told Akane… she hates tomatoes! Yeah… that’s a big secret… But, Akane doesn,t care and now they Dock and the two girls are now one, so they destroy the big bad machine…


Oh yeah, and the genius grand-father become a weasel… WTF??? So, this doesn’t look so bad, but a bit cliché… Of course, there will be a green magical girl and a yellow one, and then the ” mysterious bad girl” will certainly become friend with them (if not, they would have put a men as the bad guy). And all the girls will create bounds, and will save the world.

Mysterious bad girls don't wears pant either!

Mysterious bad girls don’t wears pant either!

What I’m interesting to know is more about the Alone. The Weasel-geezer seems to know about it. And there seems to be a link between this and the death of Akane’s mother. Did the weasel-geezer created the “magical-girl” machine to fight these thing because he knew they would come? From where are they, outer-space aliens robots? Or are they created by humans? So I hope there will be more than only “cute young girl becoming magic and kissing one another without wearing pants”…  (Feels like Strike Witch…)

See, I can do it without pants!

See, I can do it without pants!


sasami-san@ganbaranai episode 1: WTF??? I think I now want some chocolate…

Well, it seems everyone who watched that first episode had the same reaction (more or less…): WTF did I just watched??? This first episode was… special. I don’t really know what to think about this show and everything about it seems to already have been blogged. Anyway, how to resume this episode? I think this sentence resume it the best: “A girl stays at home and stalks her brother. Then three girls battle a chocolate invasion.”, summary taken from Draggle’s anime blog. What is the point???


Some people really hated this first episode, seing there the arrogance of  Akiyuki Shinbo who can now do whatever he wants with SHAFT, even bullshit, since everyone will buy it anyway. Others are looking for a really profound signification, specially with the name of the three sisters (Tama, Kagami and … oh fuck, I don’t remember), which are the same that the three sacred object for Shinto: the jewel, the mirror and the sword. And that Sasami-san is a god influing on the world (some people have watched too much of Haruhi Suzumiya…). Personnally, I don’t really know. That was strange,and all the things in this show doesn’t seems to have link between them at all.



Well, I’ll watch a bit more before making my opinion about this, but seriously, there is something off about this show. The relationship between Sasami-san and her brother seems unhealthy (ahaha), the fact we don,t sees the brother face bugs me and I found the three sisters annoying like hell. I’ m not sure if I’ll like this anime… maybe I have no taste with anime!


Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman 1: A funny Lupin ersatz in Edo


Monkey Punch is the creator of the always popular Lupin III (or Lupin Sansei) franchise, telling the story of a modern gentlemen thief in moderns days. The last serie around these characters was the great Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to iu onna anime that aired last spring. This winter, Monkey Punch come back with Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman, an anime about another thief who do his illegals deeds in Edo. Monkey Punch did the characters design, the director is Hirofumi Ogura (Black Butler II, Area no Kishi) and the serie is an adaptation of a pachinko game (WTF…). The fact that it’s an aaptation of a pachinko game makes me a little skeptic about the story…


The first episode was kinda funny, but really lame and everything screams LUPIN… the hero, Roman, is an amalgam of Lupin with Jigen hairs, theres a courtesan that looks exactly like Mine Fujiko (and with who Roman will baku5certainly have an adventure), two of the “bad guys of the weeks” strangely looks like Goemon and theres even a samurai trying to catch Roman who looks like Zenigata. Even the story looks the same, but with the “old Edo touch”: Roman is working as an helper during the day, but at night, he goes with his friends to steal the things that were taken from the poor and give them back. Ok, Lupin was stealing for himself, but he is a nice guy, so he is often giving back things to the poor. Roman is even in love with the Mine Fujiko ersatz!


So, this first episode starts with Roman running of the roofs of Edo at night, with cash in a bag which he put into a rocket that her sister (?) set on fire, so the cash is flowing back to the poor people. The guys he stealth from is obviously angry about that and mysterious people lend him two weirdos to attack people randomly. In  the meanwhile, Roman is getting to work as an helper, so we meet the people  in his crew: his sister who makes and sells decorative chopsticks, an European doctor who likes to makes zombies (WTF…), an old crazy inventor and  a young shrine maiden. But instead of working he goes to gambling with another friend.


The people in the town are randomly attack by the two assassins, so the mean retailer gets cash from the poor peasant to protect them. But the guy with who Roman was gambling was attacked, so he gets to the HUGE castle of the retainer, easily kicks everyone ass with some kind of strange super power and gives the money back to everyone… The guy is saved by the Zombie-maker-European-doctor and everybody is happy!


I’ve said it screams Lupin, but this isn’t as entertaining as Lupin. It’s easy to see where the show is heading, and like many bloggers already stated, this is  a Robin Hood ersatz too… but more lame. This is funny to watch but I don’t think it’ll get really exciting. I’m also kinda disappointed with the “super-power” Roman have at the end of the episode: it looks like they took it from a Power Ranger bad movie of the 80′, with light flash and all. Common, he just cut a big castle in two! The two “bad guys of the week” (twins… that why there are two) are easily forgettable, but the organization that send them is probably the “Big Bad” of the whole serie.

Power Ranger to the rescue!

Power Ranger to the rescue!

Anyway, let’s say this doesn’t look really good, but I’ll keep watching a few episode to see where it goes… I know, I have a thing for bad anime! After all, I’ve watched more of OniAi (Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne) during the falls season over Btooom, Robotic;notes or Psycho-pass…

Amnesia episode 1: pretty bishies and boring lead… fells like “déjà vue”…

Why am I watching these kind of things again? Ok, I know why, for the bishies of course! But really, this sucks. When will they make a reverse harem with a good female lead who isn’t just a conveniently empty spot we are suppose to relate to? Never, I guess… This female lead is empty for real: she have amnesia, so she doesn’t remember even her own name (look inside your bag, there is your name written on your ID card….), or the name of the fabulous bishies she knows. These bishies are all weirdly dress, even more when they said it’s suppose to be in August: summer in Japan is really hot, I don’t think you’ll wear a coat like the one Ken wears…


Oh, yeah and there is this spirit-thingy flying around her: only her can see him or heard him… and he tells her she shouldn’t go to hospital, or that this one guys is shady… Common, go to the hospital already! Since when you are suppose to listen to the voice in your head???

amne4Anyway… she have to be with the people she knows to have her memories back… and when these memories come back, there have some color add to makes them cool. Of course, many of these memories will include the cute bishies trying to get her into their bed, like the shady blue hair guy:

amne5Other than the blue hair guy, there is the red-theme guy who is a childhood friend, but that doesn’t stop him from being rude to the poor girl and the yellow themed guy who is so nice for now, but I know he’ll get rude later…( I heard about the game before…).

amne3But my favorite is Ken, the one with the long coat in summer: he is suppose to be intelligent, but he just talk about non-important thing like that whatever-the-f*ck Pauli effect, but since I certainly do the exact same thing in reality, I thing he is cute! Anyway, he is the only one I haven’t forget the name. So, let’s  see: theres the spirit-thingy (ok, I know, his name is Orion), there blue shady guy, there rude childhood friend and theres yellow nice guy. Oh, yeah, there is also mister stralker with long hair, who we haven’t met yet but who looks scary as hell:

amne10Oh, yeah, and since they put all the budget on the pretty bishies and the heroin, they didn’t have cash to makes eyes to the bad girls who are mean to the heroine… Anyway, let’s put a nice screenshot of Ken to finish this:



Happy New Year Everyone!

I wish everyone a Happy new year! I hope you will all realize what you want and this years will be good for everyone. Let’s also hope we’ll be able to watch good animes!


Other than that… I’ ll try to update my blog a little more often and to finish the reviews I haven’t finish yet. I also hope to be able to return to Japan this year.

So, dear readers, a happy new year!