Amnesia 2: Shin, you crazy character! no… this is crap…

So, episode two start where the first one left us: the heroin is attacked by girls without eyes! Ok, they probably have eyes, they just didn’t draw them… So these mean girl told her that she broke her promises, so she remember now: they cut her hair, her precious hair! amne2.2NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO! so she faint, at the same exact moment a madam with a big dress was conveniently passing by. When she woke up, with Orion the schizophrenic elf by her side, he told her that it’s criminal to cut a girl hair… so kill them… KILL THEM! no, he didn’t say that, but he should have. Would have been much more entertaining. He says he could feel their animosity… Good grief, it doesn’t take a diploma to feel that!


And then, Orion just keep on the fact she should keep her memory loss secret. not a good idea… this will bring much more problems, but nevermind, just listen to that idiotic elf inside your head. Anyway, that girl is an idiot. Now, she is concerned because she could have make the bitches sad: don’t you see they hate you because they like to do it??? Don’t even care about them or their feeling! Ok, let’s go to the next scene now, or I’ll get mad!


So, back to her workplace, we met two girls she work with (so, she isn’t only working with strangely dressed man, she also work with real humans… no, wait, they are also strangely dressed! wtf with this coffee place…), and Orion tells her she can trust them. On what do base that? So, pink-haired girl says something have change… Maybe it’s that she now is talking to herself like a crazy wench! Ok… maybe it’s something else. Seems everyone have to go on a trip. Sure… Ken also thing she is crazy. Please someone get her in the hospital already! Or maybe she already was a blank-no-emotions-at-all person before, but then, why would anyone want to be her friend???


So, while she was singing “Happy Birthday” to a no-face customer, she remembered another memory: Shin, the red-dressed guy was saying he killed a man… tun-tun-tun  (music from a popular suspense movie)! So of course she makes another strange face.

Ok, I think she should just go out with the manager… he is so much more cool than Shin or the yellow guy or even the blue-shady guy. Kent is the only other cool one!


So, on her way home, she is talkin to herself the elf inside her head, who says he isn’t doing enough for her. No, that’s not true, you are a huge help, you are the only part of her who have a personality! So, while she is talking to herself Orion, she almost get hit by a car, but Stalker-san saves her! Gosh, why didn’t you let her get hit, or she would have died, which would have ended the serie, ot she would have at least go to the hospital, get some treatment for her lack of personality memory loss!


And then, everyone goes on a trip! Gosh… this episode is so boring, I don’t even have anything to laugh at! Other than the fact that the manager is so cool since he could tell that the rain would stop because of the smell… THE SMELL! I continue to think that Orion is the only think with a bit of personality inside the heroin head. We don’t even know her name yet!


And then, we understand that she somehow have memories of things that haven’t happen yet… like the thing Shin says about killing someone or walking under an umbrella (brella, brella, hey, hey, hey, hey, under my umbrella, brella, brella, hey hey hey hey hey…) with Ken or whatever other memories.


So, we learn that Ikki-san (blue shady guy) is good with anything involving his hand… Anything… really… ok… sorry… So, they are playing a table hockey game, and everyone have fun and blahblahblah.


So, they finnally goes to see the asteroid rain or something like that, and the heroin is walking at the end. Shin ask her if she is tired, so he ask to take her hand. She slipped and falls, but he hold her back, but she remember what he says he get scared, so she fall from a cliff (and dies…). And Stalker-san is laughing, ahahaha.


When she wake in the hospital, she is back the the first day of august and Shin enter the room… and kiss her! The end.


This anime is so bad, it’s funny! The heroin really have no personality at all, but instead of making this easier for the watcher to insert herself (since this is for girls…), it have the exact opposite effect and it just feels like watching an idiot getting around. The other character aren’t that interesting either, and other than their “otome game stereotypes”, we don’t really get to know them at all, well, for the moment. The only character with a personality yet is Orion. The two other girls working with the heroin are also bland and uneteresting. I hope the game is better than this, because this anime is crap. Even Aracana Famiglia was better (and that’s something to says!). Ok, I’ll give two other episode try before dropping this one for good, because this is crap!



Amnesia episode 1: pretty bishies and boring lead… fells like “déjà vue”…

Why am I watching these kind of things again? Ok, I know why, for the bishies of course! But really, this sucks. When will they make a reverse harem with a good female lead who isn’t just a conveniently empty spot we are suppose to relate to? Never, I guess… This female lead is empty for real: she have amnesia, so she doesn’t remember even her own name (look inside your bag, there is your name written on your ID card….), or the name of the fabulous bishies she knows. These bishies are all weirdly dress, even more when they said it’s suppose to be in August: summer in Japan is really hot, I don’t think you’ll wear a coat like the one Ken wears…


Oh, yeah and there is this spirit-thingy flying around her: only her can see him or heard him… and he tells her she shouldn’t go to hospital, or that this one guys is shady… Common, go to the hospital already! Since when you are suppose to listen to the voice in your head???

amne4Anyway… she have to be with the people she knows to have her memories back… and when these memories come back, there have some color add to makes them cool. Of course, many of these memories will include the cute bishies trying to get her into their bed, like the shady blue hair guy:

amne5Other than the blue hair guy, there is the red-theme guy who is a childhood friend, but that doesn’t stop him from being rude to the poor girl and the yellow themed guy who is so nice for now, but I know he’ll get rude later…( I heard about the game before…).

amne3But my favorite is Ken, the one with the long coat in summer: he is suppose to be intelligent, but he just talk about non-important thing like that whatever-the-f*ck Pauli effect, but since I certainly do the exact same thing in reality, I thing he is cute! Anyway, he is the only one I haven’t forget the name. So, let’s  see: theres the spirit-thingy (ok, I know, his name is Orion), there blue shady guy, there rude childhood friend and theres yellow nice guy. Oh, yeah, there is also mister stralker with long hair, who we haven’t met yet but who looks scary as hell:

amne10Oh, yeah, and since they put all the budget on the pretty bishies and the heroin, they didn’t have cash to makes eyes to the bad girls who are mean to the heroine… Anyway, let’s put a nice screenshot of Ken to finish this: