Vividred Operation 4: the yellow girl join too…

What is Vividred Operation about? Well, cute little girl wearing no pants are fighting strange unamed monster (common, the Alone… not a name at all!) with the power of technology. Pretty much generic. But this is fun to watch… if you can pass all the crotch shots and the stupidity Akane can show in an episode.


So, in the fourth episode we meet the yellow girl, an Hikikomori who never gets out of her home and of course a computer and technology freaks. She’s an “Engine Otaku”. She know all about the engine but she don’t go to school. When Akane broke her camera, she get’s to her house and meet her. Of crouse sheis reluctant, but Akane finally got her to get out of the house (and for whatever reason, Wakabe had a dress with her… in her school bag… of course!) to see the engine in the sunset. But the Alone attack! So Akane and co transform, saves the day and yellow girl gets her key! The end.


Gosh, now that we got the four girls, we maybe will get somewhere with the story. I know, the plot can’t get on before we get to know the characters a little, but this was annoying, since this weeks new girl is pretty generic: the hikikomori who doesn’t trust anyone but befriend the protagonist is dejà vu process seen in many animes (and some western media too, but of course without the “hikikomori” word). And there was the obligatory docking thing.


About this docking, I don’t really understand: in the second episode, Akane and Aoi couldn’t do it because Aoi was keeping a secret from Akane (the tomato!). But Wakabe was able to do it really fast, even thought she knows Akane for just a few hours. In the fourth episode, the yellow girl -I don’t know her name- was able to do it because she understood really fast the process behind it. So, is it difficult to do the “docking-thingy” or not?


And gosh, these name in gratuitous english are annoying: Naked Impact, Naked Rang, Ignition… Why naked??? Or docking… I guess it doesn’t bother the japanese, but I think it’s really silly. But that’s okay, I’ll keep on watching for now.

Whatever this means...

Whatever this means…


Vividred Operation 3: Green is now on the team!


After the destruction of their school, Akane, Aoi and Momo now needs to go to another school (where there is no pants or skirt on the uniform…). But, on the first day, Akane miss the train, so she uses her transformation to get there on time. But on the beach near the school, A young girl is practising her Kendo when Akane crash on the beach. Wakabe is the champion of the school and she thinks Akane is an intruder, so she attack her but is beat. She soon discover that they are in the same class-room, so she want to have a rerun of their fight. When shre finnally gets to fight Akane (and have fun doing it), an Alone attack, so Akane and Aoi have to go fight. But Wakabe wants to fight too, so Akane gives her a key and they even do a Docking togheter, and beat the Alone and everyone is fine.


So now, the green have join the team. I’m a bit surprised they could Dock this soon, since they have just met and even though Aoi was friend with Akane for a long time they weren’t able to do it on the first time, but nevermind… The end of the episode also felt a bit rush: the alone attack, Wakabe become the Green magical girl, the Dock, beat the Alone, all of this in less than seven minutes or something… and the second episode was all of this, but for Aoi in 25 minutes, so it’s really really rushed.


And then, there is the girl-love that get in: Wakabe sure feels something for Momo… she is like her “servant-knight” and says she is cute… let’s see where it goes from there. I wonder if Aoi will get jealous, because other girls can do the “Docking-Thingy” with Akane. After all, they become one, so it’s a really intimate moment I guess. I wonder if Akane is the only one who can dock, or if  Aoi and Wakabe could do a blue-green hybrid or something.


Other than that, well the Alone are pretty generic monsters for the moment. I though that the Oji-san-weasel would know about them or why they take power from the Generator, but he doesn’t know either. I hope we’ll know about that (not like the generic alien in Strike Witch…) or why does the girl with the bow and arrow gets them to power up, or why she says that Akane and co. are getting in her way.


So much fun in perspective. I guess we’ll meet the yellow girl in the next episode, who seems to be some kind of shut in, but inside the school. Hope it won’t feels as rush as this one.


Vividred Operation 1-2: True magicals girls never wears pants…

Yeah, next time I meet someone, I’ll offer him a tomato… So, this is another “magical girl” anime for a more perverted mature audience, with the girls flying around while the “camera shots” shows really precisely what’s between the legs of a young girl… Common, the first scene of the first episode opens on the butt of a girl wearing really tight white panties (maybe she forgot to put pants on, or maybe theses are the pants of the future…)! And of course all these young girls will get really close one to another, providing lustful viewer their share of girl-on-girl love and more than friendship bounding.


Of course, there is a story. In a near future, the world is in peace because of a new form of energy coming from the sky. In this world in peace, next to the giant power plant of blue island, live Akane, an energetic young girl who live with her sister and her grand-father (who of course invented the energy source…). But this peace is in danger: a giant robot-thingy called “The Alone” is attacking the power plant! So Akane and her friend Aoi become Magical Girls (using a technology created by Akane’s grand-father… Science Magical Girl…) to save their beloved island.


So, they are able to turn the energy off the Alone, but another girl apears and get the machine back on track with a magical bow. Now, the Alone is super-duper powerful, so the two girl need to Dock… Docking time! But they can’t, because Aoi have a secret she never told Akane… she hates tomatoes! Yeah… that’s a big secret… But, Akane doesn,t care and now they Dock and the two girls are now one, so they destroy the big bad machine…


Oh yeah, and the genius grand-father become a weasel… WTF??? So, this doesn’t look so bad, but a bit cliché… Of course, there will be a green magical girl and a yellow one, and then the ” mysterious bad girl” will certainly become friend with them (if not, they would have put a men as the bad guy). And all the girls will create bounds, and will save the world.

Mysterious bad girls don't wears pant either!

Mysterious bad girls don’t wears pant either!

What I’m interesting to know is more about the Alone. The Weasel-geezer seems to know about it. And there seems to be a link between this and the death of Akane’s mother. Did the weasel-geezer created the “magical-girl” machine to fight these thing because he knew they would come? From where are they, outer-space aliens robots? Or are they created by humans? So I hope there will be more than only “cute young girl becoming magic and kissing one another without wearing pants”…  (Feels like Strike Witch…)

See, I can do it without pants!

See, I can do it without pants!