Redline -Fast and Furious can go to hell!


A distant future, a 70′ looks bad boy leads and his sexy-smart love interest, a cyborg dictatorship, and a free for all speed race in another galaxy: take all this, mix it with splendid graphic and you’ll get the winning formula that makes Redline an unforgettable movie with a feast for the eyes.

Redline is a 2010 movie (or is it 2009?) made by Madhouse, which brought many good animes productions. It took seven years to makes, but all that time wasn’t wasted at all: the production value is incredible! The graphics are absolutely stunning and makes you wish for more. But first thing first, let’s start with the summary.


JP is a street racer, and a good one – a speed junky who targets the top. He is choosen to participate into the biggest race of the universe, the Red Line, where the best of them all compete in a race where everything is permitted. One of the competitor is Sonoshee, a cute smart punkish lady who gets in JP’s eye. But the Redline competition is held in Robotworld, where the government is against the competition and will do anything to destroy anyone participating in it. Up against all, with the help of his mechano Frisbee, JP will bet it all to win the race… and Sonoshee’s heart.


Story: The story is the weak spot of this movie. Don’t get me wrong: weak spot is a relative words, it’s just that if you compare to the others aspects,it’s the weakest. Not that it isn’t a good story, but it’s something we got to see a few times. In this case, it works pretty well and the movie goes on smooth and fast. The movie starts with a bang: the Yellow line race and ends with a bang, the Red line race. Between these two, the interaction between the characters is the most interesting part. I really liked how they built the relationship between JP and Sonoshee, and how they presented the sides characters. Only real complaint: the ending was a bit cut short, so they could have wrapped it a bit more nicely.

Story: 8 on 10


Characters:  The characters are awesome. Seriously, awesome. For a movie, they are really well developed and the protagonists are easy to love. The viewer is brought to genuinely care about them and by the end, you want them to win. Even if they are based on clichés, they get a  life of their own and get’s away from the “generic anime character”. Even the secondairy characters are interesting and original. This movie really made them come to life on the screen.

Characters: 8.5 on 10


Graphic and animation: One of the selling point of this movie: the amazing graphics and the stunning animation. It took seven years to makes it and it worth it. Everything is well made, but there’s also a little plus of funky effects and cool camera angles. The movie is far from the usual anime standards and this is for the better. Every scene, every plan looks alive. The characters move in a credible way, even the most strange aliens; the background aren’t stactics but don’t gets in the way of the action either; the cars are really originals and the races are splendid. This is the proof that animation is an art in itself.

Animation: 10 on 10


Music and Sound: The music is cool and fits pretty well into the movie, really adds a plus to the scenes, but that’s all there is to say about it. This isn’t an OST I would buy. On the other hand, the voice acting is amazing. Really smooth, natural, every voices really fits the characters. It’s one of the best I’ve seen.

Sound: 9 on 10


Enjoyment Factor: The enjoyment factor is over the top! This is a movie that does really well it’s purpose: entertain. And this is entertaining like hell! This is the kind of movie that gives chills to the viewers and let’s us wanting more. This is the kind of movie I could watch again. And since the graphics are so amazing, it adds a little something to the excitement of watching it.

Enjoyment: 9.5 on 10

Total note: 90 on 100


K project 1-2-3: be cool or die trying…

When the fall season list of animes came out at the end of the summer, the K project was certainly one of the most mysterious serie: no one knew about the GoHand studio, there weren’t any synopsis for the story, the previews videos weren’t really reveling anything else that the fact animations and graphics could really look great and that there was a girl with heterochromia and big tits… well, we didn’t knew what to expect! Now, the anime have been airing for three weeks already (I know I’m pretty late…) and we can make our own idea about this show. My verdict: this show is trying so hard to be cool, and you want it to be cool, but there is something missing.

Many people thought that K gives a “Durararara vibes”. Well, the setting certainly looks similar: in a modern city, many gangs own the street and there are fantastic powers or elements involve. But were Durarara was (trying to be) subtle and gives bit of informations about the supernatural side of the city, K project drop us directly into it and directly show us the super-powers and the different factions clash. Well, let’s just resume a little before going no the review and commentaries.

In the first episode, we meet Shiro, and highschool boy who gets well with everyone but don’t really have anyone close. While he have to makes an errand in the city, he is targeted by a group of people with superpowers, with the red color for theme. Theses people are violent and get to fight with another group, some kind of militia with the blue color for thematic. When he was to be kill, he is saved by someone, Kuro (or something like Yatogami Kuroh… everyone have long names… let’s just says Kuro). But it is reveal that Kuro also wants to kill him.

In the second episode, we learn that Kuro was asked by his late King to kill the next colorless king and for whatever reason, Shiro apears on a video were he proclaimed he is that king. But Shiro doesn’t remember at all and certainly don’t want to be kill. The person on the ideo have kill someone from the red clan, so that’s why they want to kill him. Ok, to makes it more brief, we then discover that the cat Shiro have can transform into a (nude) women who hates clothes (fan services for perverted adolescent here). She also have powers and help Shiro escape, but Kuro gets to the school and they finnally gets on an agrement to see if Shiro is bad or not. Meanwihle, the king of the red faction is in a jail guarded by the blue because if he use to much his powers, he will create a super explosion.

Well, I’m ambivalent toward this anime: this isn’t bad, it’s even interesting to watch, but there is something off about it. It seems it is trying to much to please everyone and it falls in cliché to do it: lots of bishies fighting with cool super-powers, a front girl with big boobs and who hates wearing clothes, another female character with big boobs and an uniform too small to fit on her body, a gothic lolita little girl, a white hair leads  with his long black hair friend using a katana, a blond barman always smoking  (feels like déjà-vue… but less violent!)  etc…  Of course the animation and graphics are gorgeous, this is really a feats for the eyes and this is where K really shines. The blue or green color filters add another artistic dimension too. But if the graphic is really fine, I don,t really like the music, it sometime feels out of place.


Anyway, K is really trying to be cool and it’s fun to watch… and there’s many bishies… so I’ll see if it’s really cool, or only trying!