Vividred Operation 4: the yellow girl join too…

What is Vividred Operation about? Well, cute little girl wearing no pants are fighting strange unamed monster (common, the Alone… not a name at all!) with the power of technology. Pretty much generic. But this is fun to watch… if you can pass all the crotch shots and the stupidity Akane can show in an episode.


So, in the fourth episode we meet the yellow girl, an Hikikomori who never gets out of her home and of course a computer and technology freaks. She’s an “Engine Otaku”. She know all about the engine but she don’t go to school. When Akane broke her camera, she get’s to her house and meet her. Of crouse sheis reluctant, but Akane finally got her to get out of the house (and for whatever reason, Wakabe had a dress with her… in her school bag… of course!) to see the engine in the sunset. But the Alone attack! So Akane and co transform, saves the day and yellow girl gets her key! The end.


Gosh, now that we got the four girls, we maybe will get somewhere with the story. I know, the plot can’t get on before we get to know the characters a little, but this was annoying, since this weeks new girl is pretty generic: the hikikomori who doesn’t trust anyone but befriend the protagonist is dej√† vu process seen in many animes (and some western media too, but of course without the “hikikomori” word). And there was the obligatory docking thing.


About this docking, I don’t really understand: in the second episode, Akane and Aoi couldn’t do it because Aoi was keeping a secret from Akane (the tomato!). But Wakabe was able to do it really fast, even thought she knows Akane for just a few hours. In the fourth episode, the yellow girl -I don’t know her name- was able to do it because she understood really fast the process behind it. So, is it difficult to do the “docking-thingy” or not?


And gosh, these name in gratuitous english are annoying: Naked Impact, Naked Rang, Ignition… Why naked??? Or docking… I guess it doesn’t bother the japanese, but I think it’s really silly. But that’s okay, I’ll keep on watching for now.

Whatever this means...

Whatever this means…