The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke episode1: Esper battle against humans

I know I’m really late on this one (and many others…) since it’s already the fourth week, but I’ve just watched the first episode and I quite liked it. I didn,t watched Zettai Karen Children, so I didn’t knew anything about the protagonist of this spin-off, but it seems like you don’t need to have watched the other one to understand what it is about. And I must say I quite enjoyed that first episode.


This is the story of Hyoubu Kyousuke, of is an over-powerful esper of fifteen years old and also the chief of an esper criminal organization called P.A.N.D.R.A. In this first episode, he gets himself arrested and is bring to an Esper prison where he met Andy Hinomiya. Even if he is in an esper prison, Andy doesn’t seems to have any power. Kyousuke is soon interested into Andy. It seems that the only way to get out of the prison is to get to the hospital on mainland.


Hyoubu poison Andy, who is taken to the hospital, but it turns out there is no hospital and the chief warren uses the espers as giunea pigs to experiment and makes the ultimate soldier. Hyoubu saves Andy, but he have another goal: to save a member of his organisation, a little girl. But the warren sees them and tries to kill them with his ultimate soldier. But Hyoubu goes all out and kills everyone. His comrade come to take him on his boat, the Catastrophe, and Andy joins them on their adventure. The End.


Ok, not the end, only the end of the first episode. So, this episode was interesting: we got to see the two protagonist, Hyoubu, who is a vilains,  and Andy, who seems to be the true hero of the show… we’ll see… This was more to introduce them, so I don,t really have opinion on them yet. But this episode was action packed too, but Hyoubu is a little too over-powered, so I hope he have flaws or it’ll get boring. A character no one can beat is boring. Andy on the other hand is interesting too: he is not an esper, but not a normal human either, so I’m curious to know about his powers. He have a cool eye too (like an interface or something), so I guess his powers have a link with this. I guess we will also meet the other members of the organization soon.


So, this was a good first episode, and I guess I now want to watch the others episode to know more about the characters and their story. Hyoubu really is a villain, but he seems to care about the members of his organization. I hope he won’t be a one-sided character. I also want to know about his past: why did he hates the “normal humans”? Why did he created his organization? And who really is Andy? the final scene show him talking to someone, saying he have infiltrated the organization, so I guess he works for someone else. Well, we’ll see soon enough!