Sasami-san at Ganbaranai 3: Where they actually tell the truth…

Gosh, I’m so late with all this season’s animes… I guess I’m not into them as much as I was (ok… I never have been able to watch an anime every weeks… I just have so much to do in life…). So, the third episode, which aired a few weeks ago already, and that I,ve watched a few weeks ago but didn’t had the time to write about, tells us a little more about where the girls come from.


Sasami have actually grown up in a shrine where they knew she had Amaterasu power, so she was drugged and her brother was the one to take care of her. He was to never show his face, that’s why we don’t see it at all, and incest was the way to keep the power within the family. So, Sasami just got away from there with her brother and ended up in the city. But now, her brother have disappeared and she thinks he have go back to the main shrine to claim he have the power of amaterasu, so to let Sasami alone.


Of course Sasami gets there with the help of the Yagamii sisters, and we learned that Tsurugi is in fact Amaterasu who passed on her power to Sasami’s ancestor. The two other sisters where created by her and they destroy the shrine. End of the episode.


Well, this was entertaining. We learned a lot of things in this episode, but it seems a bit too soon to reavel all that stuff. I guess there’s a goal behind all this, and we can understand a bit more the relationship between Sasami and her brother: why he cares for her, and why he hide his face, why their erlationship is so strange, etc. Tsuguri being Amaterasu came as a surprise that I didn’t saw coming at all. But I think all these revelations were made too soon: I don’t really care at all for all the characters, and the fact of Kamiomi not coming back wasn’t really stressing or anything.


The first part of the anime featured a story about a rabbit(Sasami) who wants to get to the other side of a river. A shark (Kamiomi) comes and let her get on his back, but he wants her to stripe for a reward. Sasmi kicks him and go away and the shark is left alone on the beach. Three goddess (the sisters) came upon and… kick him too… WTF? I guess there was some sort of message there, but I thought this was just plain disturbing.


Sasami-san at Ganbaranai episodes 2


The second episode of sasami-san explained us the why of the first episode right away: Sasami-san’s brother have the power of amaterasu, which makes all the lesser gods obey him. When he wished for chocolate, all the gods in the world wanted to please him so they make the whole world into chocolate… WOW…  Of course, the three sisters remain a mystery. It seems that Sasami-san had this power previously, but she doesn’t have it anymore. So she observe her brother to know the alterations he makes in the world.


So, the second episode is about an online game where all the students gather instead of going to school. The three sisters wants to investigate, so they go to Sasami’s house, since she have many computers. But Sasami don,t want them to close the game, since she have all the items and have the best score of the game. But  the demon master of the game begin to alter the reality by eating the soul of those playing. We finnally learn that it was because Sasami asked him to guard and protect the game when she had the power of Amaterasu. So now, he can stop his hardship and rest in peace… whatever.


Well, this episode sort out things a little, but I can’t wait to learn more. I’m not sure if I get into the story yet, but this is entertening. I really don,t understand the thing about hiding the brother face, and the three sister are kinda annoying, but I’ll keep watching for the time being.


sasami-san@ganbaranai episode 1: WTF??? I think I now want some chocolate…

Well, it seems everyone who watched that first episode had the same reaction (more or less…): WTF did I just watched??? This first episode was… special. I don’t really know what to think about this show and everything about it seems to already have been blogged. Anyway, how to resume this episode? I think this sentence resume it the best: “A girl stays at home and stalks her brother. Then three girls battle a chocolate invasion.”, summary taken from Draggle’s anime blog. What is the point???


Some people really hated this first episode, seing there the arrogance of  Akiyuki Shinbo who can now do whatever he wants with SHAFT, even bullshit, since everyone will buy it anyway. Others are looking for a really profound signification, specially with the name of the three sisters (Tama, Kagami and … oh fuck, I don’t remember), which are the same that the three sacred object for Shinto: the jewel, the mirror and the sword. And that Sasami-san is a god influing on the world (some people have watched too much of Haruhi Suzumiya…). Personnally, I don’t really know. That was strange,and all the things in this show doesn’t seems to have link between them at all.



Well, I’ll watch a bit more before making my opinion about this, but seriously, there is something off about this show. The relationship between Sasami-san and her brother seems unhealthy (ahaha), the fact we don,t sees the brother face bugs me and I found the three sisters annoying like hell. I’ m not sure if I’ll like this anime… maybe I have no taste with anime!