Vividred Operation 3: Green is now on the team!


After the destruction of their school, Akane, Aoi and Momo now needs to go to another school (where there is no pants or skirt on the uniform…). But, on the first day, Akane miss the train, so she uses her transformation to get there on time. But on the beach near the school, A young girl is practising her Kendo when Akane crash on the beach. Wakabe is the champion of the school and she thinks Akane is an intruder, so she attack her but is beat. She soon discover that they are in the same class-room, so she want to have a rerun of their fight. When shre finnally gets to fight Akane (and have fun doing it), an Alone attack, so Akane and Aoi have to go fight. But Wakabe wants to fight too, so Akane gives her a key and they even do a Docking togheter, and beat the Alone and everyone is fine.


So now, the green have join the team. I’m a bit surprised they could Dock this soon, since they have just met and even though Aoi was friend with Akane for a long time they weren’t able to do it on the first time, but nevermind… The end of the episode also felt a bit rush: the alone attack, Wakabe become the Green magical girl, the Dock, beat the Alone, all of this in less than seven minutes or something… and the second episode was all of this, but for Aoi in 25 minutes, so it’s really really rushed.


And then, there is the girl-love that get in: Wakabe sure feels something for Momo… she is like her “servant-knight” and says she is cute… let’s see where it goes from there. I wonder if Aoi will get jealous, because other girls can do the “Docking-Thingy” with Akane. After all, they become one, so it’s a really intimate moment I guess. I wonder if Akane is the only one who can dock, or if  Aoi and Wakabe could do a blue-green hybrid or something.


Other than that, well the Alone are pretty generic monsters for the moment. I though that the Oji-san-weasel would know about them or why they take power from the Generator, but he doesn’t know either. I hope we’ll know about that (not like the generic alien in Strike Witch…) or why does the girl with the bow and arrow gets them to power up, or why she says that Akane and co. are getting in her way.


So much fun in perspective. I guess we’ll meet the yellow girl in the next episode, who seems to be some kind of shut in, but inside the school. Hope it won’t feels as rush as this one.



Robotic;Notes 2: No money, no robot

I know, I know, the second episode of Robotic;Notes aired a long time ago, but with studies I’m late in every aspect of my life… including my blog…

So, in this episode, Akiho needs part to repair a little robot, Tanegashima machine-san. It needs to be ready for the tournament held in a few weeks, so her and Kaito goes to an old man shop (in the middle of nowhere) to buy part. Since the club don’t have any money, they can’t afford all the pieces and the old man don’t want to gives them for cheaper. Of course, Kaito don’t want to give her money if she can’t beat him to Kill-Ballad game. But he goes to eat a special disgusting bum to get information about the old man and found that he have a great-daughter going to their school. So Akiho goes ask her for a discount but she refuse. Akiho and Kaito get back to the shop and Kaito says to the old man they will pay when they win the tournament, so Akiho works really hard to gets thing done and she barely sleeps. She get exhausted (and have a fishy syndrome called elephant-mouse syndrome) and Kai have to help her. He have the idea to call the programmer of the Kill-Balad game.

That’s another too long summary… Anyway, we learned a little more about Akiho in this episode. It seems there was an accident nine years ago and she have the strange syndrome since that time. There was a woman in a publicity for robotic legs in the first episode and it seems this woman is Akiho sister, who was the president of the Robots Club and she asked Kaito to help her after she quit. She now don’t want to talk to her sister. Some strange light in the sky are probably related to that accident (everything is linked in anime…).

I really liked the scene in the combini with the passion fruit bum…  Mizuka, the girl with the robotic legs is a fun character. Of course Kaito can’t  just sit there to play his game and not helping at all, so he is the kind of guy to do thing under the table. It is obvious that Subaru Hidaka, the guy Akiho wants to have in the club, will be at the robot contest and eventually will join the club. It is also obvious the shy karate girl will do the same. And they have to win the said contest or the anime will end there: no money, no robot.

Many bloggers says that the third and fourth episode gets them to enjoy the show, others have says it was still boring. I think this could be interesting, but Akiho sure is annoying.

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita 6: Space exploration is scary…

What the F*ck did I just watch???? This week episode was… well… strange!

So, at the end of episode 5, Watashi was attacked by a robot dog and Pion saved her and Assistant. Now, Pion help them to get around the city, but while they were exploring, they meet Oyage who attack them with a Behemot buldozer ( I know how it sound, but it’s really what happen). Oyage have lost his memory too. Pion save the day again, but everyone falls into a bothomless pit. Everyone is safe, but Oyage attack  them and Pion is nowhere to be seen. Then, Oyage attrack the outer-space slim on his body (yurk…) and get into his strongest form: the cat! He attack our protagonist again, but they are saved by a nautilus (cephalopod family) build by the fairies. Finnaly, they are able to counter-attack with microwaves and both Pion and Oyage regain their memories. Out of the city, everyone is surprise to see the two robots.

Well, after this come a bit of spoilers… so beware!

Watashi finnally found the truth about the two :their real names are Pionner and Voyager, the two space programs launch in the twenty century. It seems they have gain a conscious on their own and were sad alone in the cold dark space (I too would be…), so they decided to come back to the earth. Unfortunately, they now have to go back to space, but Watashi makes a bit of sabotage and they can stay on our cool planet. But Watashi have to cut her hair to atone for these acts.

Seing the last sequence, it’s obvious that this happen before the first episode where she have short hairs. And the episodes with Y and the manga world too happen before because Watashi makes a comment about it. So the episode are all in different order.

On another subject, I have to compliment the people out there who had guess right the fact that their names were the space program ones. I don’t remember where I had read it last week. And the idea to transform space program into humanoid is funny. Well, since Japanese like the “moefy” anything, it’s okay to makes a moe version of the Pionner Space Program, with cat ears and a skirt…



RPG and…

But the episode was strange, going to one thing to another and some insert puns about a lot of things:RPG games, shonen mangas, giant animals fighting, typical battles, etc. It was a bit hard to follow and I sometimes felt it doesn’t makes senses. The characters were going from one thing to another so fast and I feel it

…shonen battle cliché!

was a lot of time spend on little thing. The episode 5 and 6 could have been made in only one episode and sequences could have been put out without affecting the story. But I really liked the end.



We also learned what were the “outer-space” blobs: theses were uses by the robots for protection against the microwaves. And can also be use to transform into a giant cat… yeah… The microwaves also seems to affect the fairies: one of them was all happy and fighting and a moment later wasn’t able to do anything. Fairies seems to be the center mystery of the serie: what do they really want, what is their influence on the world, what happen if they are not there, how can they protect everyone, why are they helping humans, etc.




So, I hope the next episode will be more fun, because even if it wasn’t boring, the 5 and 6 episode weren’t as enjoyable as the other ones. But the more this series goes, the more mysterious it become and I really enjoy it!

Here is the science corner: a little bit of information about the Pionner program and the Voyager program. Both Space Program are from the United States and are unmanned missions to provide information about space. The first Pionner Probes was launched in 1958, but exploded seven second after the launching… The first Pionner probes were sending informations about the solar system, but the most notable ones are pionner 10 and 11, that were send further in the outer-space, hoping to provide information about new planets. It contain a plate illustrating a man and a women in case of an alien encounter.


Voyager 1 and 2 were part of the Mariner Space Program, but since they were different from the original Mariner, they got a name of their own. The goal of the Voyager mission was to provide information about the giant gas planets of our solar system (Jupiter,  Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) and were launched in 1977, gaining from a special planet alignment. It contain a lot of scientific instruments and captor and have  his own electric generator which is suppose to work until 2025. In 1989, it begin is extra-stellar mission in outer-space and Voyager also have some information about the earth in case of an extra-terrestrial encounter.