I’m back!

So, I had almost forgot about that anime blog I have in the past few months… In fact, I didn’t really watched any anime at all in the winter and spring season, since none of them really appealled to me. But, for some reasons, I’ve recently re-started to watch some anime, and watching them I really really wanted to post something about what I was thinking while watching them. Argh, and there I was, thinking I was getting too old for these kind of thing! No, and since during the summer I have a lot more free time than during the year, I hope to be able to blog about a few anime.

In fact, what re-hooked me to animes was Shingeki no Kyojin… I was seeing this title everywhere on the internet (ok, mostly Tumblr…) and was pretty curious… so I watched the 13 first episodes in a few days (but why did they put a recap episode, is the question… WHY!) And then, the first episode of Free! was on and I had to watch it (common, guys without shirt swimming and being hot…), and then the first Dangan Ronpa episode, and f*ck… I was on again. So, I hope to be able to post a few thing a week… Or I’ll simply forget and basta, that’ll be it. And to finish this, a little eye0candy:



K project 1-11:


Yeah, I know I’ve said in my earlier post about the K anime airing this falls that it’s all about being cool and it couldn’t live the expectations and blahblahblah… well, I maintain what I’ve said, but I really enjoy this one… I know I’m childish, but common, I’ve got a thing for sexy men fighting! So it’s the only anime of the season I’ve catch up so far! At least, it’s less shame than Oniai that was previously the anime I had the most episode watched (five of it… I know I should be ashamed since Oniai is purely bad fan-service and incest thingy… and I’m a girl…). Ok, let’s get back to the main subject, K anime.


First, a little summary of what happened so far… don,t worry, nothing too spoilerific (wow! a new word! in ten years, this will be in the Oxford Great Dictionary). So, in this world, there are many “kings” that draw people to them and have supernatural powers. The most sexy important kings in this story are Mikoto Suoh, the red king who is always mad and have the HOMRA organisation, and the blue king, Reishi Munakata who reign over Scepter 4, a special task force organization with sword (yeah, I know how it sounds). But these two organization aren’t even the protagonist: they are looking for him because they both think he killed a guy in Homra. That guy, Isana Yashiro fortunatly have an ally, Yatogami Kuroh, some kind of modern-age-samurai who have a creepy fixation on his late master’s voice, and Neko, the fan-service provider for the show who likes to go around nude and can create illusions.

So, whith his samurai dog and the cat-girl, Shiro (his little name) try to avoid being catch while trying to recall if he really killed the guy or not. At the same times, Homra and scepter 4 confront many times as their members find one another for a reason or another… ok, enough with the summary (what summary, I’ve only describe some characters… whatever), too many other things to say!


As stated in my other post, this was made to pleased most fans of anime, girls and boys, whatever kind they love (well, maybe not the shojo one…): battle, cool gangs, military organization, conspirator, gothic lolita girl, high school decor, nude girls, supernatural power and even some little yaoi hint! and this isn’t only in my imagination… this blue king really like to talk to people really really near their face, specially with other guys, or that creepy Fushimi with Misaki… But this is all made to spice it up a little!


After all these episodes, what I think of this anime so far: not so bad. This certainly isn’t a masterpiece, but this isn’t a bad one either. Of course there isn’t enough episodes for all the content they are trying to put in each episode. There are many things that certainly won’t be explain at all and are left to our imagination or to read in the two mangas published in japan about the prequel. And with only two more episodes before the end, many questions will be left unanswered.


Anyway, my favorite character for now is Mikoto Suoh… he is so cool and I like a man of few words! Fushimi is somehow creepy, but also really cool and I like the idea of someone changing gang and after that having a fight with his last partner… not so original thought… Yata Misaki is pretty cool too with his bat and his skateboard, but he seems inspired by that character from Paranoia Agent, lil slugger, but with a skate and not rollerblades… Other than that, I think Neko is annoying, Isana Yashiro doesn’t bring any sympathy from me and Yatogami Kuroh could have been cool, but just become lame. I think the writers tried to make him funny and sympathetic, but they just make him annoying.


I would have liked to know more about the flashback with Weismann and the japanese lieutenant, in fact, I would have liked know more everyone past. Mikoto and the blue king seems to know each other very well, or where does Anna come from? why is Awashima Seri, the scepter 4 busty lieutenant coming to Izumo bar, that is the Homra SQ?


Ok, I’m only complaining now… but the visual of this anime are stunning and I have lots of fun watching it. This is a bit of a paradox, but I really enjoy it… ok, the fact that half of the cast are pretty boys make it more bearable! But the action and fight are also well made and the mysteries leave us wanting more. K.Project.600.1162057






K project 1-2-3: be cool or die trying…

When the fall season list of animes came out at the end of the summer, the K project was certainly one of the most mysterious serie: no one knew about the GoHand studio, there weren’t any synopsis for the story, the previews videos weren’t really reveling anything else that the fact animations and graphics could really look great and that there was a girl with heterochromia and big tits… well, we didn’t knew what to expect! Now, the anime have been airing for three weeks already (I know I’m pretty late…) and we can make our own idea about this show. My verdict: this show is trying so hard to be cool, and you want it to be cool, but there is something missing.

Many people thought that K gives a “Durararara vibes”. Well, the setting certainly looks similar: in a modern city, many gangs own the street and there are fantastic powers or elements involve. But were Durarara was (trying to be) subtle and gives bit of informations about the supernatural side of the city, K project drop us directly into it and directly show us the super-powers and the different factions clash. Well, let’s just resume a little before going no the review and commentaries.

In the first episode, we meet Shiro, and highschool boy who gets well with everyone but don’t really have anyone close. While he have to makes an errand in the city, he is targeted by a group of people with superpowers, with the red color for theme. Theses people are violent and get to fight with another group, some kind of militia with the blue color for thematic. When he was to be kill, he is saved by someone, Kuro (or something like Yatogami Kuroh… everyone have long names… let’s just says Kuro). But it is reveal that Kuro also wants to kill him.

In the second episode, we learn that Kuro was asked by his late King to kill the next colorless king and for whatever reason, Shiro apears on a video were he proclaimed he is that king. But Shiro doesn’t remember at all and certainly don’t want to be kill. The person on the ideo have kill someone from the red clan, so that’s why they want to kill him. Ok, to makes it more brief, we then discover that the cat Shiro have can transform into a (nude) women who hates clothes (fan services for perverted adolescent here). She also have powers and help Shiro escape, but Kuro gets to the school and they finnally gets on an agrement to see if Shiro is bad or not. Meanwihle, the king of the red faction is in a jail guarded by the blue because if he use to much his powers, he will create a super explosion.

Well, I’m ambivalent toward this anime: this isn’t bad, it’s even interesting to watch, but there is something off about it. It seems it is trying to much to please everyone and it falls in cliché to do it: lots of bishies fighting with cool super-powers, a front girl with big boobs and who hates wearing clothes, another female character with big boobs and an uniform too small to fit on her body, a gothic lolita little girl, a white hair leads  with his long black hair friend using a katana, a blond barman always smoking  (feels like déjà-vue… but less violent!)  etc…  Of course the animation and graphics are gorgeous, this is really a feats for the eyes and this is where K really shines. The blue or green color filters add another artistic dimension too. But if the graphic is really fine, I don,t really like the music, it sometime feels out of place.


Anyway, K is really trying to be cool and it’s fun to watch… and there’s many bishies… so I’ll see if it’s really cool, or only trying!

fall 2012 anime first impressions – post No. 2

Trying to catch up…

Shin Sekai Yori

This is a creepy anime… I really didn’t knew what to expect and I found the first episode really interesting. I love the way the world is depicted, the strange power the children have, or the fact that the girl compare the school with a farm… It looks like there are many mysteries going on: what is that cat of impurities? Where are the disappearing children going? What’s the deal with the first scene of the anime, with the boy killing everyone in the city? This is gonna be an interesting one.

verdict: watching


We didn’t had many informations about this show but there was a huge hype on it. Now that it started, well… it feels like dejà vu… The visual is great, the voice acting too, but the vibe it gave feels a little kitsh and already seen. It’s like they have look what teens love in animes theses days and put it all together: super-powers, a white-haired hero with his long black haired side-kick (nezumi-shion, Allen Walker-Kanda… fells like deja-vu!), street gang with super-powers, a gothic lolita mini-chicks with an eye-power, sexy bishies running evrywhere, a militia-type gang, a neko-chicks with big boobs… I don’t really know if it looks interesting enough to watch. Well, I might watch a few more to see where is it going.

Verdict: giving a few episode try

Kamisama Hajimemashita

I love the manga and I had high expectations for this anime, but it wasn’t good at all. Too much jokes, the two little wimps are annoying, the pace is strange… I’m disappointed. I hope it’ll get better in others episodes, because for now I think it is a waste of time to watch. Well, I quite liked how they depicted Tomoe, but other than that, it isn’t lokking well.

verdict: will give another episode chance, but not very good.

Jojo Bizarre Adventure

Another one I was waiting for, and this time I wasn’t disappointed. Like everyone else already have stated, this old manga with more than 70 volumes a a classic. The first episode was a solide one, covering a few chapters of the manga. The graphics are interesting and I’m interested to watch some more.

verdict: will watch

An updates on anime: Binbougami ga and Joshiraku dropped

Well, time goes on and I’m late with all the anime I wanted to watch for the summer season… I’m late on one episode of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, I’m late on five for Natsuyuki Rendezvous, I’ve dropped Binbougami ga! and Joshiraku (fun to watch, but boring to review…) and I’m trying to catch up Sword Art Online, but failed to do so… Well, since many summer anime end in two weeks (october is coming soon, so new animes too!), I’ll probably make one big review for the whole anime instead of multiple little ones. I guess SAO is like Accel World and will last for 25 episodes or so (yes, no?)

Why did I stopped watching Binbougami ga? It was getting boring. I like to watch it once in a while, but since I have less time for animes, I prefer watch more awesome anime in my free time than this. I don’t like the whole “drama” insert here and there and the main girl is a complete bitch, so I don’t feel anything when she start to cry. The bishonen in her classroom (I don’t remember his name… the one with the big poor family…) is boring and don’t have any personality at all, well like every supporting characters: they are unilateral and their signature jokes (the sado dog and the pervert priest for example) are getting annoying and repetitive. This is a funny anime and I liked the anime jokes insert here and there, but in a whole this isn’t anything memorable. Verdict: dropped.

In the Joshiraku case, it’s not because it’s boring, it’s more because I haven’t anything to write about it each week. It’s fun to watch and I don’t feel “dropped out” because I’m not Japanese. I also think the people who have taken their time to subbed it have great merit since it’s on a high level of Japanese speach. Why do I says that? Because many blogger on the world wide web have stated that this anime shouldn’t be view by non-japaneses people and even less translated. Sure, this is for a Japanese audience (like mostly all anime in fact!), but I can enjoy it too. True, I’ve been studiying Japanese language for a few years now and I know a lot about the Japanese culture. But like in every comedies, it’s okay to laugh at what you find funny and let the rest out! Look at Shrek: some jokes are for the children and other are for the parents. Do we tell the children not to watch it because they won’t understand the “adult jokes”? Anyway, that was my little rambling.Verdict: watching but not reviewing.

So that’s it… I’ll try makes new post as soon as I can (school, school, school…) and a resume of what I want to watch in the fall season. And let’s end this beautifully with one of the show I want to watch soon: Kuroko no Basket. Hot men playing basket ball? Yes please! (Click on the picture for full size eye candy…)

Binbougami ga! Episode 3: of course she’s not only a bitch…

This week, the comedy anime Binbougami ga gaves us a lot of bitch talk and a lot of good feeling. Because of course she wouldn’t let a poor child die…

So for the quick summary (not so quick after all…), Ichiko is once again bothered by Momoji, who tries to re-equilibrate the balance of fortune and misfortune, but Ichiko breaks one of her gadget. At school, Ichiko is day-dreaming about what she got in her life and what she wants: a boyfriend. She suddenly discover that one of her classmate is a super-hot bishies (she didn’t knew because he is always sleeping in classroom). He forgot is student card at school, so Ichiko bring it to his home. And of course, he is super-poor.

And of course, he have like twelve brother and sisters (ok, not twelve, only four… that’s a lot…). And of course he don’t have any parent, so he have to work part time at three different places to buy food. So Ichiko, who have her dreams shattered by the fact that he lives in poverty insult him and his family, saying that without money you are nothing (well, they already knew… so she is really just a bitch). Without entering in the detail, one of the little brother is in danger, so Ichiko, go to the rescue (insert good feelings here…).

So this episode wasn’t as funny as the two other episode. I guess it’s difficult to keep having good jokes. The Ichiko’s bishies classmate character feels a bit random and only serve the purpose of showing us how she can be mean and how in reality she isn’t that mean.Some reviewer tend to think Ichiko is having some character “growth”, and some change of heart. No… I don’t think so… This kind of anime will certainly bring a change of heart in the main characters (both Ichiko and Momoji), but not yet.

Once again, there were some animes jokes insert here and there (that was this episode purpose for Momoji…). But that change of mood, between funny and bitch and then between bitch and “good-feeling” was  a bit pushed. But I quite like this anime so far. I really hate Ichiko character, but Momoji is really cool, so I’ll keep watching.